The Damsels Are Dropping Like Flies!

Too Funny.

Politically Chivarly!

“Somebody got a bottle of water?

I find the enthusiasm a bit scary.

7 thoughts on “The Damsels Are Dropping Like Flies!

  1. Hey – Maybe Edwards could drum up a bit of legal business following Obama around on the campaign trail and ambulance chasing these “victims” of Obama’s mindless platitudes. They probably fainted out of boredom and I’m sure could get a good lawsuit from it!

  2. Is there anyone that we can actually vote for and still look ourselves in the mirror the next morning?? All the people I liked pulled out already. I’m happy to stick by Ron Paul, although I’m not nuts about some of his isolationist thoughts nor his ideas about Iraq. Is there time for anyone else to step forward … PLEASE??? How about one of you good priests or friars? We need you. I hate to give up my right to vote but I’m starting to think I will be committing a sin if I walk in the poll booth on that fateful morning next year.

  3. Politics and morals go together like oil and water.

    Don’t worry Jennifer, Ron Paul, isn’t an isolationist. He believes what the founding fathers believed insofar as the US minding its international business. There is no moral reason for the US to be conducting preemptive actions though plenty of political ones…which may be why congress is complicit in abrogating its authority to the president. The power to wage war was never meant to be in the hands of the executive branch but with the legislative (congress). If our founding fathers (including the uber-liberal federalists) were to see what’s become of our government they’d most likely want to start a new one.

  4. Ron Paul may not be an isolationist but the US cannot simply ignore what goes on around the world anymore and hope it never reaches our shores. The world has become a much smaller place since the time of our founding fathers. I agree that we need to probably exercise more prudence and restraint in where and when we get involved in the affairs of other nations but the reality is that we are a powerful nation that the world turns to for many things. And with a proper perspective, a moral one, we have the opportunity and probably the obligation to make positive contributions in the world when we defend the nation that is weak, the nation that is starving, the nation that executes innocent people or faces hardships due to natural disasters or depends on our economy or consumer habits.

    If the Church was to adopt a similar world view of “minding its international business” it would not be engaged in the struggle or the fight.

    I for one do not want the US to crawl back under a rock. Rather, we need to remain engaged in the global affairs while working to clean house, restoring morality in our culture but the only way to do that is to change the hearts and minds of our citizens and perhaps many Catholics as well.

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