Sold to the Knights of Lepanto!


The last known photograph taken of Tolkien is being auctioned off with a first impression of The Hobbit. Now while the book may be out of our league the photo is only valued at £400-600.

Now all one of you has to do is get a ticket for London. You have plenty of time. The auction isn’t until March 18. Make sure you bring a attache case of sterling with you, and presto.

I will gratefully accept the donation on behalf of the Knights of Lepanto, and of course the photo will be displayed in the Tower of Lepanto for all the professed knights to see. Thank you very much.

That was Tolkien’s favorite tree, by the way. Any tree chopping orc would have had to deal with that cane, I am sure.

7 thoughts on “Sold to the Knights of Lepanto!

  1. Tell you what… If I win powerball, I’ll buy both The Hobbit and the pic and they’re yours. (Isn’t St. Pio the patron saint of winning the lottery?)

    By the way, have you read this article about Tolkien’s problem with Narnia, etc.? Thought you might find it interesting.

  2. If you’re having trouble navigating the essay, try this link to page 2. You should be able to navigate from there. Or try using Firefox.

    What’s your take on this Father? I was under the impression that Lewis was somewhat sympathetic towards Catholicism. Was Tolkien put off by Lewis as the article claims?

  3. Paul,

    Yes, I heard about that. Seems it will put a damper on the Hobbit movie.

    Tip on embedded links. You can either go write your comment through your own dashboard as if you were going to write a post, and then copy the text out of the code tab, or you can use a word processor that will give you html when you view the source. Most of them will do that.

    I have some of the tags memorized, but I have not memorized the link tag either.

  4. “If ever there was any problem with Narnia, the sales history of the work would indicate that it was entirely Tolkien’s”

    Hmm….rather shoddy logic, don’t you think?

    I enjoy both series of books, but I’d rather have a pint with Tolkien.


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