Mary Sends Girl on a Man’s Job


So today is the 150th anniversary of the apparitions of Our Lady of Lourdes.

After one of the appearances of Our Lady, St. Bernadette stood up and repeated Our Lady’s words to her, shouting at the bystanders:  “Penance, Penance, Penance!”

Women are an inspiration to men and sometimes are a tad more courageous.  Resolute and courageous religious commitment is something a girl should not have to teach a big strapping man.  But so it was and so it is.

So who do you think suffers more resolutely, men or women?

6 thoughts on “Mary Sends Girl on a Man’s Job

  1. To be quite honest, I think that to compare “who do you think suffers more resolutely, men or women?” is not a kosher thought. Each soul, unique and unto itself suffers according to God’s divine will for their life. When being raised I remember my parents teaching me never to discuss the issue of money with my friends. Now I know that suffering and money may not have alot in common, however the conclusion is similar. When comparing these things you end up only with pride and despair. Both sinful and both harmful to the state of any soul. It is the feminist agenda that brings men and women to compete with one another through comparision, not compliment each other through service. To sum up, I think be they men or women, it matters not on this issue. What matters is that we suffer according to the will of God and utilize the grace from that suffering to attain eternal happiness with God in heaven.

  2. Father,
    To ask such a question, one must realize that suffering, as “In the Kitchen”, pointed out is unique to one’s individual soul and state in their spiritual life. For example, I suffer more than my fellow co-workers who have no clue as to what the truth is, and I suffer less than my spiritual advisor who is held responsible for guiding me on my way towards spiritual and religious enhancement for the greater glory of God. This question of suffering is all in how God so chooses, or gives us the graces, to handle our sufferings. All in His divine will, and His divine plan. When Our Lady said “I am the handmaid of the Lord, be it done unto me according to thy will”, she knew that she was setting herself down the path of suffering. When Our Lord became a slave and took the form of man he knew that he would have to undergo great sufferings for the sake of our salvation. But I would never compare who suffered more Our Lady or Our Lord. Is this the question your asking? If so what do you belive is the answer? Who suffered more Our Lady or Our Lord? Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t their suffering united, and so as man and women our suffer so too should be united, not separated?

  3. Thanks “Fire in the Kitchen” :-). Just asking. Even so, my question is not so much, who suffers more, but who suffers more resolutely. I am not sure I would answer one way or the other, but I do sometimes hear it argued that women have a greater capacity for bearing pain, or at least to manifest such a disposition.

    Mostly it was the women who overcame their fear and were at the foot of the Cross. St John comes with Our Lady.

    Anyway its a provocative question, and I do think in practice, in regard to sacrificial love, religious agape, men are very often outdone by women.

  4. Father,
    Your still asking teh same question that can not be answered by man. Of course you’ve been told that woman have a a greater capacity for bearing pain. We have been all told that…
    GEN 16-19 “To the woman He said: I will intensify the pangs of your chilodbearing: in pain shall you bring forth children. Yet your urge shall be for your husband and he shall be you master. To the man he said; Because you listened to your wife…Cursed be teh ground because of you! In toil shall you eat it’s yeild all the days of your life. Thorns and thistles shall bring forth to you as you eat the plants of teh field. By the sweat of your face shall you get bread to eat. Until you return to teh ground. From diet you were taken, and to dirt you shall return”
    So who suffers more resolutely a man who works and toils in teh firld to bring hoime food for his famliy (keeping in mind teh agony it takes to leave his family, to go to work) or the woman who brings froth teh family (keeping in mind most of “Fire in teh Kithchen’s kids have gigantic heads). Who suffers more?
    I’m not arguing that woman have more tendencies to be more spiritual, therefore knowing how to suffer in grace. But men also have to bear the brunt of the world (if they are true men and keep their wives at home, fully supporting them), thefefore making their suffering be seen in public eye, and it is hard even though we try to sheild the sufferings we bear. That doesn’t mean we don’t offer up the sufferings, the sufferings are in public, as the woman’s sufferings are in the privacy of home.

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