Shari’a Law for Our Lady’s Dowry? (Update)


Multiculturalism unleashed. Here comes the dictatorship of relativism.

What should one expect from someone who does not believe the Virgin Birth to be essential to Christian belief?

Damian Thompson of Holy Smoke, as usual, speaks plain English:

This is the most monumentally stupid thing I have ever heard an Archbishop of Canterbury say, and I’ve heard a few. In fact, it’s more than stupid: it’s disgusting.

The idea that “one law for everyone” is “a bit of a danger”, as Williams argues, goes against every tradition of English law and culture that the Primate of All England is supposed to uphold.

I don’t have time to comment in more detail now: just as well, probably. If he has been reported accurately, then Williams is lending his support to the establishment of a non-Christian theocracy in Britain.

The Church of England must think seriously about his suitability for the ancient office he occupies. And then get rid of him.


Another view.

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