Tolkien on the BBC

I don’t know whether to hyperventilate or just stop breathing altogether.

Here is an explanation and transcript of the video from the Tolkien Library.

Here is another video down below on the Tolkien Library page:

An eccentric genius if ever there was one. I am taken back by his accent, diction and mannerisms.

Adam Tolkien, the authors grandson talks about the recent publication of The Children of Hurin, which is one my personal favorites of all JRRT’s tales. He puts his assessment plainly in a way I found humorous for some reason:

And it may or may not strike a chord. People may think it doesn’t have enough Hobbits in it, because there aren’t any.

Well there it is. I need to lie down.

4 thoughts on “Tolkien on the BBC

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  2. Tolkien is my hero! He is just pure imagination and master minded! I’ve never seen that seen of Thedrid’s burial before…it was interesting and sad.
    Yay for Middle Earth!

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