Battle Chic?


“It’s lots of fun. Very, very addictive,” Gardiner said.

Ceramic chain mail art? Hmm. The venerable invention of the ancient armorers is now considered a craft, as in artsy-fartsy kind of craft. To each his own.

I can appreciate the beauty and versatility of the wonder material, strong as steel, yet supple as cloth. So its being put to new uses that are marketable. I guess this one I can appreciate, a t-shirt. Nice.

Come on, Knights and Squires of Lepanto! Lets have some ideas. Lets get the coifs and halburks going.

I’ve been thinking of making a chain mail rosary. Don’t laugh. It will work. You’ll see.

3 thoughts on “Battle Chic?

  1. Hmm, sounds fun, and uncomfortable… lol And regarding your idea for a rosary, I won’t laugh, it seems kind of reasonable. (Is it meant to reflect the idea that the rosary is our greatest weapon and defense?)

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