Fathers Praying for Fathers


Please excuse a more local concern. I will justify this post on the basis of its illustration of Knights of Lepanto Spirituality.

The knights here in Griswold are organizing a series of holy hours for men. Our third Thursday discussion group meeting will go from less prayer and more talk to more prayer and less talk. Our exact plan is to organize a novena of holy hours for men between February and October. The object is to have Fathers and Sons pray for fathers: fathers of families, fathers within the Church and fathers within civil society.

We do a lot of complaining and nowhere near enough prayer. We are all very concerned about the future of our country with the upcoming elections, and in Connecticut specifically, many are upset by the recent decision of the Connecticut bishops to go along with our anti-Catholic legislature and permit Plan B contraception in Catholic hospitals. It is time for men to come together and storm heaven that we might find the fortitude to regroup the Church Militant and fight for what is right. . . and do it in an honorable way.

I always say that the spirituality of the knight, that is, masculine spirituality, is concerned with translating faith and prayer into action. For us men, we easily understand the action part, but usually it is not based on faith and prayer. Hence, such things as sports becomes our religion. (Don’t forget that this Sunday.) This format for our holy hours is a great way to put prayer first in a masculine way.

Here is the flyer for our holy hours, and here is a blurb for Church bulletins. Anyone who is in the vacinity is free to print them out and do what you can with them. Ask your pastor before you post them in your church vestibule.

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