Even Lefty Feminists Have Had Enough of Disney


No more Disney Princesses. Off with their heads!

I am blogged down with catching up and with Christmas. Ho, Ho, Ho.

Its official: not only right wings nuts see the hyper-sexualization of girls in the Disney marketing strategy.

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  1. I won’t hold my breath for this to happen!! For whatever reason, these leftist women have NOT been able to stop the sexualization of women in the media. The female Disney characters from a few decades ago were just pretty, feminine girls/women … granted, not always too intelligent … but nothing too sexually demoralizing from what I recall. But today, between Disney and the commercials (in between kids’ shows, mind you), it’s pure filth. The billboards should totally disgust the leftist women … they should disgust ALL women. Yet, not enough for anyone to ever do anything about it. I’ve personally tried boycotting certain products with offensive commercials (like the old Herbal Essence Organic (Orgasmic) shamppo … but I suppose without ever writing a letter to the CEO of the company, it probably didn’t do any good.

    So, too bad these leftist women don’t start putting their time and money into THIS pursuit … if they truly want respect as they claim is their ultimate goal (eh-hem) , then this is a great place to start! Like I said … I won’t be holding my breath.


  2. The feminists haven’t done anything about preventing the sexualization of their daughters because they are a part of this perverse “revolution.” It is a control issue where they use their sexuality to “control” men and teach their daughters to do this as well…dominatrix…or, should we say doominatrix.

  3. Well said, both of you. I am not defending the lefty feminists, mind you. The linked article is a hodge podge of feminists objections. The lady was just as upset that the Disney Princesses are not martial arts experts as she is that they are sexualized. Even that objection is only about early exposure, and not about chastity.

    I just thought the admission was interesting, considering where it came from.

  4. What I find funny is that most of the Disney characters do not have mothers. Four out of the six in this photo do not have mothers. One has a wicked step mother and only one out of the bunch had a mother that was alive in the movie. Hhmmmm, wonder why they are always leaving out the mother part?

  5. I think guys come up with the most direct, simplest and most effective solutions. Thanks Steve.


    Yes and fathers too. I am not an expert on the Disney Princess, but weren’t they mostly fatherless as well? Didn’t the Little Mermaid have a caricature of father, a sort of authoritarian dufus.

    For Disney parents are bad and sex is good. Gee, where have we heard that before?

  6. This is pathetic, why cant people just leave things alone! why does everything have to have a double purpose and somehow offend someone! these are disney PRINCESS’ of COURSE they will look beautiful and feminine! And i dont recall ONE movie where the princess and her prince charming go off and hook up during the movie, now on new movies/tv shows how many times are there sexually related comments? i think people should lay off and stop WANTING Drama, i have seen no problem with any of these movies, but i have seen MANY problems with movies today. so if you want to start some stupid argument about something talk about whats wrong with todays society, not the society of 40 years ago.

  7. durango,

    Certainly, Disney is far more subtle in its hyper-sexualization of girls than much of the trash out there, and no one has claimed that theDisney material is sexually explicit. I am not sure why you think the points made are not valid.

  8. It is absoutely rediculous to assume the the disney princesses are anti-feminist Icons. It is unacceptible. Though the movies may portray woman who are beautifull, it does not portray stupid women. Infact the disney princesses are smart independent and kind. Take belle for instance. She was different, and she wouldnt let anyone tell her who to be. She was a reader, and A thinker. Smart And independent. Jasmine, didnt let her royalty keep her from befriending someone of a lower class, she knew money wasnt everything. The little mermaid didnt let her royalty get in the way of seeking adventure and having dreams. How could these women be anything but role models who show us the think outside of the box, and let nothing get in the way of our dreams.

    I have no problem with feminists, but som etimes you have to choose the right fight. stop being so angry and find something worth while to complain about.

  9. Here, here Emily, well said

    Take these characters for what they are…characters, if you don’t want to watch them, don’t, if you don’t want your kids to watch them, don’t let them.

    The Disney Princesses are innocent fun, many of these stories have existed for centuries, outside of Disney, and have a moral to them that is used to teach children to embrace such things as independance and differences in others (Beauty and the Beast, Pocahontas).

    Frangelo if you are going to trash these stories, watch them first…
    The little Mermaid’s father was King Triton, and 4 out of the 6 princesses displayed had dads in the stories.
    There is no sex in these movies, nor is there even the most subtle inference to sex, beyond the FIRST kiss.

    The idea behind the missing parents is to show that life isn’t perfect that there are always going to be difficulties, regardless of your looks, and getting through those difficulties is what make you strong…

  10. Deb,

    I said “mostly fatherless” precisely because of The Little Mermaid and Mulan. Even so, Triton in Mermaid is the typical Hollywood caricature of a father, and Fa Zhou in Mulan is fairly helpless which only reinforces my point.

    I am not pretending that the Disney Princesses will be the undoing of every unsuspecting girls chastity. I am suggesting, that Disney’s perspective on femininity is more philosophical than it is casual and that is not particularly wholesome.

  11. I think the princesses as time have gone on have become more feminisists. Belle was independant but allowed herself to fall in love with a man. But as it moved on Esmerelda could care for herself and Giselle filled her mind with modern thought. I love disney princesses but they sometimes get to girlpowerishes.

  12. Master Paul Xavier,

    So good of you to make yourself availabe to the peasantry; however, I happen to think that the girls who frequent the friary have blood as blue as the Danube. Just ask them.

    How did we merit to have a veritable court of ladies in waiting all show up in the same place?

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  14. thay are not bad i watch them all the time well at least all the time because my gandmother watches tv all the time so i can barliy watch them but thay are fine. i’m only 7 but when i’m 15 i dont think but i mite watch them

  15. When I hear the term “Girl Power” the only thing that comes to mind is how it sounds a lot like something we have been taught to condemn, and that is “White Power”. Treat equals as equals, and don’t give special privileges to any one group over another. So if we push for “Girl Power”, why not push for “White Power”. Think about it, there is a whole other half of the population being insulted by the term “Girl Power”. Can you send your kid to school in a “White Power” t-shirt? How about a “Girl Power” t-shirt? Wrong is wrong, no matter what spin or justification you use to make yourself feel better.

  16. actually to correct the statement above about mothers. only 3 didnt have mothers that would be the mermaid, belle, and jasmine. cinderella snow white and sleeping beauty all had mothers. the witch who poisened snow white was a step mom that was jealous of her step daughter’s beauty. cinderella had the wicked step mother and sisters when her dad died , and sleeping beauty had been raised by three fairies instead of her parents till she was 16. so if you are going to argue anythign about parenting why couldnt the king and queen raised their daughter …are you going to pin them for being dead beat parents while you are at it downing the princesses. i frankly dont see anything wrong wiht the disney’s out look if you think about it every movie ever produced by disney no one ever died in the movies till the lion king. which gave every girl their happy ending. and frankly id rather watch something wiht my neices that shows that there is light at the end of the tunnel if you look at it all these girls faced a hardship but came through it. i see that as a positive message. each one is unique in their own way and girls can easily relate. and if you think lil girls are getting brainwashed to be some fem. pansy your obviously not watching kids grow. i know plenty of girls between 2yrs and 12 years of age that idolize the disney princess and yet could beat dwn any boys royal behind in a variety of sports or other activities working in a day care helps you see this. and not all boys idolize comic books and super heros really there is a rude awakening for many out there. im 20 and i play and am involved in many “guyish things” which really are like many “people things” why not get your heads on right and realize anyone can do as they choose and that everythign out there are people things not guy and girl if you are one of those people you think too much inside the box and why not get out of your black and white world and splash some color into it. think more closly before you make false claims. as to that hannah girl if you want to grow up on the princesses and be one your self every princess follows her own heart to be a good one you should follow yours. and she is seven dont blow her dreams and fantasies of far off places thats like telling your own child they cant have dreams or imagine.

  17. Compared to pop star idols throughout the years, such as Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and various others, the Disney Princesses are nothing to be afraid of. Having grown up in the era of these animated movies, I am a direct result of any, ‘mischievious intents,’ that they may have had. Strangely enough, I’ve yet to throw away my morals and succumb to the Princesses’ subliminal messages. If you would rather subject your children to the media as it is now instead of Disney movies then be my guest.

  18. I deleted a comment that was written in what might have been Arabic characters (I am not sure). If I cannot understand what is being written in a comment, I will not leave it up. That goes comments written in whatever language.

  19. thank you durango, emily, deb, concerned citizen, and nikki
    i agree with u all completely
    to everyone else, u have way too much time on your hands if ur worried about disney having a negative affect on little girls
    disney movies are cute and entertaining
    im 18 and i still love to watch disney movies and go to disney world
    theres nothing wrong with it at all
    and whats wrong with being a girly-girl? i tell u whats wrong with it. ABSOLUTLY NOTHING! i love to wear cute skirts and daydream about my prince charming, but i also love to go on hikes and do other “boy things” and guess what? I REFUSE TO WEAR MAKEUP so it is possible to be a girly-girl AND a tom-boy at the same time and disney has nothing to do with it!!!!!!!
    so get over it and take ur daughters AND SONS to disney world/land and see how happy and excited they get
    and if u dont let ur kids watch disney movies there is something seriously wrong with u
    u dont have to like them, but let ur kids form their own opinions

  20. Dear Ashley,

    I realize that Disney, compared to MANY MANY movies today, is seemingly harmless. I think what most people who have commented here see, we see as grown adults … we see the subtleties. There’s nothing wrong with a girl dreaming of being a princess in one breath and out climbing trees the next day! Hey … I did it and I had great fun, too …. like you, I enjoyed wearing ‘girl’ things at times and at other times I enjoyed throwing on my hiking boots and jeans and hitting the great outdoors. Come to think of it … I STILL DO!!
    The point that bothers many adults about these movies is that sometimes these films place ‘superficial’ goals for girls … they seem to have ulterior motives that girls need to be pretty and sexy … .that how they LOOK (the barbie doll figure) is more important than anything else. This should really FROST most women to be honest. There’s also subtle messages that fathers can be twirps or are totally useless with making any kind of important decisions. These are the things that people are discussing … no one has a problem with girls dreaming about being princesses or boys dreaming about being knights or heroes. To be honest, I wouldn’t have seen these things at age 18 either so I don’t blame you for not understanding why we’re making the deal we’re making.

    I don’t think refusing to let kids watch Disney movies, however, implies that something is wrong with you. I’ll admit that my kids always watched them (I compromise sometimes when I wish I wouldn’t) and for the most part, they don’t see nearly the things I see. But, I far from find the movies awesome … fortunately, neither do my kids.

    Well, just explaining things from a different set of eyes here!

  21. Jen
    u make more sence than the others who just blow things out of proportion but that is just my opinion and i understand that everyone is entitled to one so and i do understand everyones point i just think there are bigger things to worry about but thanx for reminding me that there are different ways of looking at things cuz im very stubborn sometimes
    (and i only told everyone that im 18 cuz i wanted them to realize that im not still a middle schooler that idolized disney and maybe im not “old enough to see it the way some adults see it” but im am old enough to understand life and the way things work and i can form opinions on my own no matter what my parents or the media says)
    so once again thanx for being realistic with ur concerns and not totally bashing disney

  22. I Would have to disagree, these women have powerful life lessons, Not to mention the disney princesses date back when women just started having power. Women are a sign of beauty and all these princess have wisdom and brains.
    -Belle (beauty and the beast): Teaches us to see true beauty on the inside then just the outside with the ugly beast who shows to young women that he is actually beautiful and the hansom Gaston who is meant to be the most hansom is in fact a truly ugly human being.
    -Jasmine (Aladdin): Teaches us that money or power doesn’t mean anything if you don’t truly love them. Jasmine had the choice of marrying a rich powerful prince yet she chooses a poor powerless Aladdin. However true happiness is with the one you love no matter how much money you have.
    -Ariel (Little Mermaid): Teaches us that it is ok to go outside your boundaries and to want to explore, be curious because of that she found a place that she always dreamed of and ended a Clash between people from the Land and the Mer-people.
    -Cinderella teaches us that no matter how stuck you are in life you can always find a way out.
    -Snow white teaches us to not prejudge people (dwarfs in this case) and to have faith in them.
    -Sleeping Beauty teaches us the typical “stranger danger” concept and that life is fun but only if you are aware of the dangers!

    I think you People Didn’t quite understand the concept of Disney’s portrayal of these women are strong! Mulan another Disney movie proves to her country that women are just as good as men, and that we should be equal!

    So all of you ridiculous People out there blaming on something with strong messages that show the young and old generations that women are strong and that there beauty in these cartoons are to show that women are naturally beautiful! WHY DO PEOPLE HATE IT WHEN THEY HAVE BRAINS, POWER AND BEAUTY. Stop being jealous and make the world want to write a story about your strength!

  23. I would also like to Mention that the disney princesses where drawn at a time where women had to be beautiful, it’s not like this anymore which personally i think is a shame that women now days let them selves go. as an 18 year old, i to still watch disney movies and I used to watch disney movies and as a kid i remember just liking the cartoon thinking YAY a female hero! and in the playground wanting to be that hero; they teach you alot and they make Most or all the children smile and have a few minutes of there lives in this wonderful imaginary land where for a split second they are free. LET children decide for them selves, they are mini adults stop thinking they can’t decide for themselves or that they need 100% direction because the best way is to keep a child there age is to let them act there age, let them speak there minds, let them do mistakes, let them learn from there experiences. Because from one kid to any other you ask they DO NOT LEARN from your mistakes but there OWN, or ones that are close to them!


    Because there’s always some envious evil witch queen or something and when she gets mad all hell typically breaks loose. It makes for a good story, but it’s generally a drag on all the furry creatures of the forest. Women with brains, power and beauty should wear veils and keep quiet.

  25. Woe, Steve … not only will you get the Womens-rights militia after you, but you may even get some nice Christian women (who aren’t femi-nazi’s) to be a little miffed with you. Well, maybe it’s not a bad thing to be unpopular among all the ladies!

    I agreed with everything you had to say until your last sentence … seemed a bit harsh and unchivalrous to me! But, I’m not living under the same roof with you so I can leave it nicely in this blog. 😉


  26. i love Disney Princesses.and movies all girls love tham and grow up with them as roll models they are better then say bratz as a roll model.

  27. Chloe, when you say that adults should allow children to make their own mistakes, you should stop and empathize with the adult in charge. Perhaps, that adult has foresight through experience…and, IN FACT….the adult loves you so much that he/she only wants to save you from great pain. Love is an action, not a feeling.

    In order to be a good parent or leader, you have to FIRST learn to be a good follower. Develop your leadership skills now. Pray to the Holy Spirit for His gifts.

    Women are not like Mulan. Women are NOT equal to men. We are a different creature, thank God!!!!! Give God glory for that. We have our strengths and weaknesses compared to men. Acknowledge this, and you will do fine on your own.

    Frankly, there aren’t any knights in shining armor. Only Christ and His Cross. Cling to Him. It is only there that you will find true love and happiness. If you are truly 18 years old, you should realize this FACT before venturing too far into the world.

    Steve, you are hysterical! Thanks for the laugh. Have you been talking to Pa, lately?

  28. Nacy F what do you mean when you say that women are NOT equal to men, are you saying that men are better then us or stronger then women.

  29. Ash, I believe she is saying that we are NOT the same. In order to be *equal*, we must be the same. We have equal value/worth. … but that’s not what she meant. Nancy went on to say that we are different creatures … we have different (thus unequal) strengths and weaknesses. That doesn’t make us less worthy. For instance, you and I can each live in a house … we might each have the same amount of bedrooms, a kitchen, baths, etc … we might have VERY different looking houses but they may both give equal living space for our families. Their value may be the same on the real-estate market but yours might be a contemporary and mine might be a colonial. Are the houses the same? Nope … but they’re valued similarly.

    Nancy was also trying to say that sometimes parents can see things from a different angle than kids … so it’s not a wise thing to just let teens make all of their own decisions on things. For instance, I have one teen that should I let make their own decision of what they’d eat for their 3 squares a day, they’d probably select cookies or brownies! So, if I really LOVE this child, do I let her/him eat what they want or do I love them enough to endure their hissy fit and insist they eat something healthier? It’s no different with what we view. If we claim to be Christians, then we must guard carefully what we choose to hear and see. I always remember the old computer adage that says, “Garbage in, garbage out”. We must be careful to not consume too much garbage because it will eventually spill out of us. Ask any adult as to how hard it is to break old bad habits or to remove sinful images that were implanted in their heads!! It’s REALLY hard.

    Now, we do live in this world and as Christians, if we cannot relate whatsoever to anyone else, then I’m not sure how we will lead souls to Christ. So, we cannot live inside a plastic bubble being oblivious to everything … but that doesn’t mean we consume tons of garbage either! It’s not an easy juggling act. For me, I’ve chosen to not freak out about Disney … do I think the company Disney has gone down the tubes as of late? Yep. Do I think they have some insidious ulterior motives when they make their not-so-innocent films? Yep. Do I think the average kid REALLY picks up on it? No … but it does probably somewhat taint their outlook on life. I struggle with this.

    For instance, your very question shows how the world has taught us much more loudly than the Church … our constant fear of feeling like we must be equal to men! This is a message that has been leaked into everything around us and making women feel like they need to be MEN in many ways. IT’s also made men feel they have to be women … showing their meeker side, etc while women show their tough unemotional side. (It’s all an act, btw.) Don’t think that we adults don’t understand … we really do. We’re now trying to shed ourselves from all of this nonsense and we hope to save a few of you future adults from having all of the same baggage.

    Well … very long answer and I’ll get off my soap box now. Good luck.

  30. There is NOTHING positive about Ariel. Nothing. She is a self absorbed, littel brat, who ends up nearly destroying her father’s entire kingdom over some teenage crush, and then feels zero repentence for it. She sits on that stupid rock and feels sorry for herself until her gutless father gives into to her desires. She ought to have been grounded for life. That was the first Disney movie to disappear in our home. My children are welcome to watch the original Disney movies-Snow White, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty. There was still a clear good versus evil portrayal in those movies, however the new ones are banned. In the new ones, all of the princesses are sneaky or selfish or pouty or disobedient but they are definitely not virtues like Cinderella, Snow White or Aurora.

    As a family we went to DisneyWorld in the spring for free-Make a Wish, and I will never allow us to spend money on Disney items again. It is too much. The entire Disney product is based on consumerism, materialism, and sensuality. Kids don’t need it. Watching the first few or even the newer ones occasionally as a rental is OK, but living them as too many of the TV raised children of today do, is just wrong.

  31. LEAVE THE PRINCESESS ALONE!!! Im 15 and watched Disney movies when I was younger and i turned out fine! (i think) So did my mum, aunties, cousins, friends…etc. The movies there to enjoy and for little girls to dream about maybe one day becoming a ‘princess’. We need a little innocence and happiness in this screwed up world. So like i said, leave them alone!

  32. Does it bother anyone that just about everyone in the universe knows who Disney is and who the Princesses are? Our whole culture is shaped by cartoon characters and what Hollywood or Disney deems popular at the moment.

  33. Quiverfull,
    Hollywood is a totally different story.
    Disney has been aroud for eons, and will continue to. No wonder everyone knows them.

  34. This is totally off the topic. but is anyone an edward cullen fan, and knows when the Twilight movie is coming out in New zealand. ive been getting different dates.
    If not, then carry on with your little debate thingy. 🙂

  35. Aside from the yadda yadda yadda are the princesses are a drain on our society sucking the dignity and life force from all who glue their eyes to the megapixels that indeed form these enchanting beauties, or not, which they are btw, has anyone taken into consideration that some of the princesses married down in their social state.
    Let’s take a gander shall we? Snow White princes by birth, married a prince took her off without asking for her father’s hand in marriage,, Sleeping Beauty married a prince to join two kingdoms (possible an arranged marriage?) Belle married a prince sort of she fell in love with a clearly abusive beast (do we really need to go into bestiality) who knows if the marriage lasts, and Cinderella a “true fairy tale” over came great odds to rise out of the poor suffering of house chores, and self sacrifice, perish the thought that a woman do house chores and serve others married a prince, but that was just because the shoe fit her just right, who knows if the Prince was going to be a good husband all we know is that he was into her looks, that she was pretty, could carry a tune, and could dance in glass shoes without falling. Not very good husband material so far. Then there is Ariel and Eric, (is he a prince I’m not to familiar with the story) he spends his time day dreaming at a beach, singing and talking to a seagull, and falls in love with a half human half fish thingy I guess one of his strong points would be tolerance, and surfing. Then there is Jasmine who marries a self proclaimed street rat who has a history of stealing, and breaking and entering. Not good husband material at all. So the all the princesses combined end up marrying a kidnapping, abusive, narcissistic, day dreaming, thief. That’s who I want MY daughter to marry

  36. Skeet,

    You bring up some great points. And along the same thoughts, these Disney princesses sure don’t do much for modern feminists, do they? After all, where would many of the so-called princesses be had not a man showed up to rescue and raise them from their sorry state? Cinderella, for one, would still be spit-shinin’ the brass…

    It kinda reminds me of Hillary Clinton.

  37. wow, this thread is making me laugh. Really. I just can’t wrap my mind around some of these ultra-conservative ideas. Skeet, you discuss how these characters married these horrible men, right? Well, if we’re all going to discuss christian values here for a minute… all of these “awful” men made mistakes, they changed their ways, they learned their lessons, and they paid their penance… by Jesus’ rule, shouldn’t they be forgiven? These girls, like God, were able to see the inner beauty and worth inside of these men- regardless of their past ways. I don’t understand it… conservative christians these days seem to talk about so much hate and evil- they hate this, and they hate that, and these things are evil… and they always forget the rule of continued forgiveness and understanding that ALL people, good and bad, of every religion, color and creed, are equals in the eyes of God, regardless of who they are, what they have done, or where they came from. Period. Shouldn’t we all be aiming for the same way of thinking? But I digress…

    The Disney Princesses are like anything else in life- they are open to interpretation. If you are looking for evil, you will find it everywhere you look., including in the Disney Princess movies If you are looking for goodness, you will find that every where you look, including in the Disney Princess movies. The Disney Princesses are what you make of them.

    I personally find them entertaining, and they made up a significant part of my childhood. But, I didn’t take their stories as gospel. I didn’t live and die by the Disney princesses… and nothing in their movies made any real impact on my life as a whole. And, Disney, yes- they are a business. They are out to make money. No different than any other business. What a shocker.

  38. I’d like to think that I am a well-rounded person who tries to look at every side of an argument and as I stumbled across this debate I started to think about my own opinions on this topic.
    I watched the disney films when I was a little girl and found them not to be some life lesson teaching story but something that inspired me to write and read because i -like many young girls- dreamed of being swept away in a magical fairytale world which yes had a few evil characters, but far less than in the real world and literature and film is still my main escape route till this day.
    I pick up the paper everyday to see people killing others in war or our countries are in mass economic struggles that are escalating and I wonder what type of world I will grow up in. These films are full of women who I agree are probably abnormally beautiful and attractive but I am sure there are far worse examples of extreme sexualisation and violence that are present in everyday society which children will be more aware of.
    I am only 15 so you can say that I’m ‘inexperienced’ or ‘ignorant’ but I think that if every girl and boy had the respect and moral compass of good Disney characters the world would be a happier place.

  39. This is pathetic! I grew up loving all the classic Disney films (im sat watching sleeping beauty now) The princess’ are fantastic imagitive role models for anyone! From causing all this drama, what do you expect or want to happen? all classic disney films to be taken off sale or not shown on tv? …. The only people your going to deprive is innocent people (like your children, or grand children) who love Disney. It never did any harm to me. The idea of classic disney princess’ was/is too use your imagination and run away with the story. Doesn’t every girl dream up her own fairytale? … whether its with a man or a woman? None of the princess’s are evil, all are good with different reasons. If you dont like it, dont watch it! just shut up and leave it alone and let the rest of the world enjoy it!

  40. and just to add to what i just said ….

    Adults are reading too far into every storyline of a disney film, children dont think like that so why bother making mountains out of molehills? Children see no fear so i think its good that Sleeping Beauty raises stranger danger awareness. Its something all children should be taught and in my opinion, a child is more likely to absorb the information if its through an animation film rather than an adult sat telling them. Let children be children, dont mould them into something you want them to be- thats not a good parent or carer. By all means guide them but dont deprive them! …. Our world is bad enough as it is, killing, stabbing, shooting and everything else. Just let children develop their own imagination and have fun, dont make them grow up too quickly and make them live their life worrying about the real world- you’ll have a very unhappy child!!!!!

  41. In two more days this post will be officially one year old. I should start an anti-disney blog and put ads on it. I could quit my job.

  42. princess jasmine is a prime example of few heroines in muslin culture, ariel see’s the good in different species of people, pocahontas though fictional in disney still was a hero i didnt hear her giggling and flirting she tought a man to be spiritual, mulan c’mon need i say more about her she just proved it doesnt matter what sex you are you can kick butt. arorah references the innocence and niaveity of a young girl brought up in different economic backgrounds and used it for her royal duties later in life, belle was the first of disney feminist questioning the boundries of a womens right, which in her era was fanatical material, she also taught us to love not all that is pleasing to the eye. i could go on foreve but yeah they are definatley not over;y sexualized, Bratz are, i like them but i dont think bratz should be for young girls altough there DVDs teach great morals so in itself Bratz teaches and shows a live example of how we are discrimatory against the way someone looks, cloe the blonde bratz is a skateboard champion, who isnt really into dating, yasin is into saving planet earth and animals, shes the world peace activist, sasha is the cultural one and jade is the resident ‘trend setter’ or local ;weirdo emo’ chick

  43. You guys have some really strong opinions about Disney! And Bratz DVD’s, etc. They didn’t come from you. They were schmoozed into your minds and became part of your thoughts, beliefs and consciousness by the use of subliminals, which are used freely in every medium – film, music, ads, musak, etc. This is perfectly legal. No doubt it would be interesting to hear Disney’s official answer to this, but it probably wouldn’t come at all. Because no matter what they said, it might call attention to the issue and make people think. You’d probably get their lawyers, if you pressed.

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  45. Wow, I didn’t know that this blog was still ticking. If I had known I probably would have jumped on the band wagon a lot sooner.
    First off, I thought thru this whole article that just kept popping into my mind is that we are ALL children of God. God is King,We are his sons and daughters. Therefore we ARE Princes and Princesses. Are number one priority should be focused not on the KINGS of the World that Disney has portraded but on our TRUE KING and FATHER. I would prefer any day to set my eyes on our True KING rather then be misguided by Disney in how a Princess is suppose to be or act. Disney IS giving very bad examples to children in how they are to act as Princesses. They are being taught DISOBIENTENCE. Arial was disobient to her father. SHE committed a sin. WHat is that teaching our children? If you ever wonder why your son or daughter disobeys you don’t look no farther in asking yourself why. Children are constantly being taught to be disobient for the greater good of themselves. HMMMM, they are also being taught to be selfish. Another sin. I know, I know that there are many of you that do not see anything wrong with Disney Princesses but I hope and I pray that perhaps you may just take a little time to think about what is being said here.
    Secondly, my other thought to all of this is Again. Motherhood. Where are all the Mothers in these movies. Most of them are Dead. Have you ever asked yourself why on earth would Disney want to leave out the Mother? Perhaps you can also take time to think about this as well. Again, God is our King and Mary is the Spouse of the Holy Spirit and Mother to Christ then that makes her OUR QUEEN. If you look at most of the movies. The mother has been removed from sight. HHmmmmm, Wonder why? Cinderalla had a evil step mother. Arial had no mother. Never saw Pocohanto’s mother in the movie. Even Pinochicoo didn’t have a mother instead he had a pretty little white fairy with Magic and powers. Pinochicoo only had a father. Then there is Brother Bear. Again no mother. O and how about Bambi. They killed off Bambi’s mother. Finding Nemo. Shark ate Nemo’s mom. EEEkkkkk!Here is another one for you all: Lilo and Stitch. Again NO MOTHER. Sister is bringing her up. Beauty and the Beast. Yup, another film with NO MOTHER. Look, I could go on and on with the list of movies that Disney has put out were they have distroyed MOTHERHOOD and the good Virtues that should be taught to sweet little girls. I too, grew up in the world of Disney. Every Sunday we would watch Disney after Animal Kingdom. I loved all their movies and I too didn’t see any thing wrong with it UNTIL one day I became a mother myself. Then I started to question why they left out motherhood so much in all their movies. It really got be thinking. What was going on here. Is there a hidden agenda? I do not wish to sound paraniod but I can’t help but think that once, twice, o.k. but over and over again they have destroyed motherhood. They have taught Disobioence…….. Over and over again they have portrayed most of these movies as these kids as being defient. They portray that Defience is Good! When has Defience ever been good. There is no such thing. Defience is Defience, plain and simple. They are teaching that it is Good to be selfish. Is that what you want to teach your children? There is not such thing as Good healthy selfishness. . You can put good or bad in front of the word selfishness and it is stilSELFISHNESS. Plain and Simple! Just like you have a good witch and a bad witch. A black witch and a white witch. Sorry, but in my eyes a witch is a witch. Plain and Simple. You can put what ever word in front of it to make it sound good and even look good but the bottom line is that she is still a witch. It is still selfishness. It is still defiance! What are we teaching our children?
    I’m sorry that I was so long winded and I didn’t mean to write so much. I hope that you can all forgive me and my big mouth. Perhaps I should take Steve’s advice and sit down, shut up and stick a veil on my head. Lord forgive me if I’ve offended anyone. That was not my intent!
    God Bless all of you this very day.
    Princess Darlene
    Daughter of Christ the KIng

    I could go on and on.

  46. Um, my 4-year-old neice LOVES the disney princesses. But ya know what? She also loves playing tee ball and watching pro football. She has an adventurous spirit, and I don’t think these cartoons enstall any theories of sexualzation in her little head. Little girls like princesses. Deal with it.

  47. You totally missed my point . Little girls ARE princesses in the eyes of God. When we become God’s children we become little Princesses. Now, the whole point to all of this is do we become Princesses of this world or TRUE Princesses of the Kindom of God!

  48. Okay…. here come a long one 😛
    To all commenters before me.
    I’m a 16 year old female student doing a project on sexism in cartoons and to all idiots who say THEY AREN’T SEXIST to you I say: they are. Sexist & sexual isn’t the same thing. No one is calling them whores because they aren’t. No one is saying it’s wrong to be pretty, judging people by looks is wrong no matter if a person in ugly or beautiful. And no one is saying the princess movies are wrong and turn little girls in to sluts– that’s what Bratz is doing.
    The movies were fine but now a days this thing has become a cult. My younger sister (age 4) was embarrassed and shocked when a glass broke and our dad cleaned the floor. Because women are suppose to clean (she said)…. where did she hear that? Not her mom, not her school, not from her two older sisters. From her favorite movie; Cinderella. Ciderella isn’t forced to clean, she runs around happily singing and cleaning looking super pretty (making it look appealing to young girls to become hose wives). As a kid I hated princesses because I found them boring so I never really watched those movies until I had two younger sisters. And I think so far in all of these princess Disney films there has been a scene where the super pretty girl is super happily singing because she’s cleaning or about to get married. T_T . If there was one movie like this it would be just a movie, but they’re so many and they’re all the same. So for a girl with a Disney princess fascination all she sees over and over again is LOVE + Cleaning = Happily ever after.
    +++ the Disney princesses are just for girls….. people say: These are just characters don’t let them piss you off when we talk about them being a bad influence on girls but as soon as a boy says he likes them suddenly it’s not healthy… Doesn’t that alone show they’re sexist? Boys can’t be pretty, singing house “wives” but for girls it’s fine. That’s sexism for you. THAT BOYS SHOULD BE MACHO AND BAD-ASS and GIRLS SHOULD BE PRETTY AND SENSITIVE is what sexism is. If you don’t understand that you really have no place commenting on anything.
    +++ I’d like to say comparing GIRL power and WHITE power is completely retarded. I agree girl power is a pretty lame sentence, why can’t it just be power (no gender attached)? But girl power T-shirts don’t and never did mean girls rule the boys (because they don’t, women are the once who are payed less for more work and still need to do more house work so even if that’s what girl power meant… who’d care? it’d be lie). Mean while white power is the phrase the KKK uses and for a long time that was the truth… so in a way wearing a black-power and girl-power would be more related since they are the oppressed party (even though I wouldn’t recommend white-black-girl or boy power shirts).
    ++++ Check out Studio Ghibli if you think this is how movies about girl main character are suppose to be. Studio Ghibli is called the Japanese version of Disney and all of their fills are marketed for both boys and girls and 80% of them have s female main character. That’s something you don’t see in Disney. Every thing about girls is only for girls meanwhile stuff about boys (lion king, robin hood and so on) are for both boys and girls… because every one can have a boy hero but only girls can have a girl hero????
    In the studio ghibli films the lead is most of the time a girl and in only 2 of 14 films there is a little “princess-theme”. In the movie ‘The cat returns’ a girl is suppose to get married to prince and become the cat princess. But she refuses to and runs away. And in the movie ‘Nausicaa’ the main character is a princess…. who happens to help out the people in the village wear a jacket and skirt, flies a futuristic plane herself and helps animals and protects her kingdom from attacks. I never knew until I saw that movie that princesses could be anything but boring-musical-puffy-dress-wearing house wives.

    ^^ any ways, that’s my opinion.

  49. I’m sorry but reading some of these articles makes me sick. I am very feminist and I love the Disney Princesses. I would like to say first of all, get your facts straight, someone mentioned that Disney has “filthy commercials” and Disney rarely has commercials, if it does than an actress from one of the shows are in it or something, it’s not like Nickelodeon. I have learned so much from the Disney Princesses and I believe they have made me a better person. They taught me to believe in my dreams. They are all beautiful and different and everything I wish to be. I think you all are over thinking this feminist thing and quite frankly you have gotten so raveled up in it all you have lost all innocents and beauty inside you too see that the Princesses are truly very good for today’s society. I heard it is where you first see good triumph evil. It’s true, but if you rather your little girl play Call of Duty or watch a gory battle in some boy movie go right ahead, honestly the Princesses are great and every little girl wants to be a Princess, they are characters who teach you to dream and they are strong, they have made me stronger, they have no mother and deaths happen and nobody is crying the whole movie, they always see that good will come and these movies give you hope.

  50. Saga,
    Cinderella is not happy slaving away to her step sisters and step mother, but she’s not going to cry all the time and go around being sad for herself. She is teaching young children to see the good in anything that might suck in life and to always think something good will come. I can tell you don’t watch that many Princess movies because you didn’t grasp the concept at all and clearly you didn’t listen to the words. And in my opinion you sound very silly trying to sound so smart on a subject , when in fact, you know nothing about the movies you are trying to use as evidence to support your argument. Cinderella had to be “happy” because no matter how bad life gets, we should act happy and dream big, and get all we can out of the life we got. Yeah, I’m a strong woman and I will never be submissive to a man, and yet I have learned so much from the Disney Princesses!!!! Wow, I guess your idea of the princesses teaching young girls to be weak women is proven wrong! Get some innocents, stop thinking so literally, and watch the movies!!! 🙂

  51. I don’t get you people.
    This is a cartoon we’re talking about!
    Do you REALLY think that Disney producers are secretly conspiring to brainwash the young generation through animated movies?
    Do you see how ridiculous it sounds?
    Disney movies are one of the few movies, the whole family can enjoy. I’m 15, and I love watching them with my little sister! Even my parents watch them! They help bring families together, they teach lessons, they are beautifully done and you complain because of it.

  52. Dear DisneySupporter:

    Write to us again in 15 yrs and tell us that people who write cartoons and children’s programs aren’t trying to ‘influence’ the young generation.

    I don’t think all of us are saying that we don’t watch Disney movies. My family actually owns a whole bunch and compared to half the trash out there, these are at least somewhat palatable IMHO. HOWEVER, it’s like eating a chocolate bar. There are yummy parts to it but no one would consider it to be healthy food and no one would suggest eating it for 3 squares a day. As an adult, we know that if we asked our kids what they wanted to eat, they’d choose that chocolate bar for breakfast, lunch and dinner! If we ask them how they want to spend their days, some would request Disney flicks from morning to night. They’re junk food for the mind and soul. Sure, sit with the family with a bowl of popcorn and watch one every-so-often. But know that you’re not getting a serious healthy meal. And beware of the sneaky ingredients that are in there … cuz, yes, they are absolutely trying to influence/brainwash you … just a wee bit at a time!!

  53. I don’t see why everyone thinks that Disney is trying to corrupt their kids. Nobody at Disney wants your kids to turn out badly, nobody at Disney is out to get anyone. They don’t have time. Disney is brilliant. The people who work there have more talent in one pinkie than most of us have at all. I grew up with these movies and I have become a well-rounded, moral child who learned to follow my dreams. I truly believe that Disney taught me to follow my dreams, my heart, and speak for myself. Disney movies have the kind of raw emotion and passion that so many parents feel their kids need to be shielded from. But really, kids need it to thrive. We need to be exposed to hurt, to the bad and the good, to the strength it takes to except responsibility, and that somehow good always ends up over evil, no matter how long it takes. Disney gives children something to believe in. What is wrong about that?

  54. Classic Disney Movies are not trying to corrupt your children, in fact the old movies are the best movies. They all have morals and lessons that teach young children life lessons. Pocahontas teaches acceptance of different cultures and races. Jasmine teaches of acceptance of people from different classes and that just because someone is poor, doesn’t mean they are a bad person. And Belle is a smart young woman who loves reading more than anything, and is not afraid to be different or to say no to the abusive jerk who asks for her hand in marriage. And Mulan shows us that being yourself and protecting your family are the most important things in life.

    Each disney princess teached only good things. Being pretty is not and has never been a sin, as long as the prettiness is not used for inappropriate behaivior at an innapropriate age.

    Disney Princesses provide young children with hope that love can happen in a world where violence is all we are exposed to, on the news and in movies and TV.

    And also many many people at the Disney Studios worked very hard on those movies, they do not need to hear from you how their movies are corrupting the youth of children.

    Some people just need to have something to criticize, to make them feel good about themselves, and i firmly believe that that is exactly what you people are doing.

    So stop criticizing others, and try being just being accepting, like the people at Disney have been trying to tell us to be for many years.

    And everyone, Disney once said
    “Movies can and do have tremendous influence in shaping young lives in the realm of entertainment towards the ideals and objectives of normal adulthood.”
    Trust him, the man knew what he was doing.

  55. Honestly, I get so fed up of feminists, and yes I AM a woman! Women today write books, they work, some even are the main bread winners (My friend is an example of this) by nature women are more maternal and hunger family life, sure its not the same for all women, but certainly for most.

    I think you can be an independent person and be in a relationship, most of us are, we are social animals, of course we will need help or rescuing from time to time.

    Reading the herbal essences thing, ugh, come one its a joke guys! Watching disney films has never corrupted my life ok! Please people get over it!

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