13 thoughts on “Women – Know Your Limits!

  1. Excellent, Fr. Angelo!!! Keep ’em coming, I am learning so much about my role as a women in society. My dear husband will be very pleased with this lesson, I assure you!

  2. What is all of this banter about? I was off wrapping gifts, baking cookies, sweeping and stroking kittens for the past few days, so I must have missed something. All I see is a pretty box with contrasting black and white lettering. Gee – wouldn’t it be pretty if you dressed that up a bit? Maybe some flowing curtains — whispy mauve sheer panels draping on either side? And I’m sure if you put little kitties and puppies around it, we ladies would be quite amused and impressed! The font has a very harsh quality – some softened calligraphy would greatly improve the message (that I’m still trying desperately to comprehend –ooh – was that too big a word for me to use?) And perhaps if the lettering were in spring colored pastels it would improve the atmosphere here – all dark and militant with icky swords and such…

    Anyway – my little head is all a kafuffle. I think I need more kitty stroking time to ease my confusion. Ahhhh…that’s it! Now I feel MUCH better! I guess I’ve learned something here after all! I feel a strong urge now to go off and read something from the Bronte sisters.

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