Captain Huckabee


This is something new being brought to the table of presidential politics.

“In one of the first churches I was assigned to, I thought I was supposed to be the captain of a warship leading the congregation into a battle against spiritual darkness,” he said.

“But they wanted the captain of the Love Boat. They just wanted everybody to be happy. It was not about how many people were won to Christ or how many teens were pulled away from drugs or how many marriages were saved. Instead, it was about the seniors having a great trip going to watch the fall leaves change, the teen-agers going to a better summer camp than the church across town.”

Sound familiar?

6 thoughts on “Captain Huckabee

  1. The headline on Drudge is, “I hope we answer the alarm clock and take this nation back for Christ”. Huckabee must be raising a few eyebrows. The “right wing christian nut job, just a bit more dangerous than 9/11 terrorists” smear campaign is gearing up.

  2. “Right Wing Christian Nut-Job”

    And don’t look now but this morning’s paper was chock full of the Colorado Springs shooter having been a “homeschooler from a “deeply religious” family.”

  3. Jerry,

    I noted “they” have reported the association to home schoolers. I did not take that association to be negative did you? As far as “deeply religious” and other words, I would have to agree with the writer. I think this writer did not want to detract from the main points of the story and did not want to engage in a long discussion about the shooter’s faith. I consider a description of “deeply” as used in the article appropriate given they appear to follow Oral Roberts.


    As far as Huckabee, I do not know….He has expressed the strongest position amongst other candidates, in favor of life. The fact he wants to obliterate the IRS also helps. But, right now, everything they say is just talk, even in the case of pro-life issues – we simply need to refer to events that occurred during this president’s years to know that these politicians remain politicians.

    I understand Huckabee’s appeal because of his pro-Christ message and we should support such a person IF we determined they meant it. I have other issues with him…I suppose I will continue to listen to comments. Not that you have to base your decision on what I say, I would not vote for him if the election were today….tomorrow, a different story, perhaps.

  4. I agree that the association made was not really negative, just completetly irrelevant.

    Whether the shooter was from a “deeply religious” family would be an important detail in the news story given that the shooting took place at a church. I’m wary of the homeschoolers are anti-social/withdrawn archetype from the media style book.

  5. Hi Jerry,

    I know what you are saying. There is a potential that some agenda ridden politician will introduce legislature to indicate that we need to ban home schooling because it caused Mike, a drop out, to lose his mind one Sunday and take revenge on others. These same politicians will overlook the “non home schooling” based shootings starting from Moses Lake, WA to Tuusula, Finland.

  6. I don’t know enough about Hukabee to make a determination. I do know I’d take him over someone like Giuliani now, or on any other day of the week. (If Giuliani’s the candidate, I’ll likely do something more beneficial than voting come election night – like I’ll make popcorn and rent a dvd or something…)

    What earns my perpetual irk though, is the fact that the left and the media (forgive my redundancy) consistently attempt to marginalize anyone acting in the public sphere who operates from a position of faith. …or rather, from a specifically orthodox Christian perspective. Right now the left is relatively hushed on Hukabee in a surprising act of conscious restraint, but if he does get the nod the media will be in a frenzy over anything he’s ever said to anyone. The same standard will not be held for the opponent. It never is. Believing in objective truth is the only mortal sin for militant secularists. Nothing is worse.

    It’s probably a moot point as I don’t think Hukabee will be nominated anyway. We’ll have to wait and see…

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