Chivalrous Robots?


A new meaning to the phrase “a knight in shining armor”? I don’t think so. In fact soldiers are now confronted with even greater challenges to remain chivalrous, when it is possible for them to gain a grotesquely unfair advantage through technology. This is welcome news from our truly honorable men in the armed services, relative to the almost inevitable advance of robotics.

“The Armed Robotic Vehicle-Assault (Light) is a robot that extends the reach of a soldier but is still controlled by him,” Schaill said. “It is important that soldier-leaders remain fully in control of our combat actions so that the commander’s intent is fully accomplished; the ARV-A(L) is not designed to go on missions independent of the soldier.”

Col. Lee Fetterman, training and doctrine capabilities man¬ager for FCS, said he sees potential for robots to significantly increase the Army’s ability to detect the enemy or target, deliv¬er the ordnance necessary to destroy the target and assess the effects of the attack. However, in the design of the systems that will employ robots, Fetterman said he believes an important potential capability should not be employed: the “decide” component. Continue reading

Captain Huckabee


This is something new being brought to the table of presidential politics.

“In one of the first churches I was assigned to, I thought I was supposed to be the captain of a warship leading the congregation into a battle against spiritual darkness,” he said.

“But they wanted the captain of the Love Boat. They just wanted everybody to be happy. It was not about how many people were won to Christ or how many teens were pulled away from drugs or how many marriages were saved. Instead, it was about the seniors having a great trip going to watch the fall leaves change, the teen-agers going to a better summer camp than the church across town.”

Sound familiar?

Imagine There’s No Knuckleheads


Christmas cheer, athiest style. Hat tip to Hot Air.

Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace.

Nothing worth dying for? Just what we need: solve the extremes of 9/11 with the extremes of an LSD fantasy.

I really can’t imagine a world without knuckleheads. I guess we will just have to try to live with each other. Perhaps we need . . . hmm . . . a Savior.

Remember Bethlehem.