Of Grail Seekers and White Coats


Grail Code has an excellent post on why the Holy Grail brings out the nuts. It is the first in a series of posts. I am sure it will be worth following.

2 thoughts on “Of Grail Seekers and White Coats

  1. Father Angelo,

    The Holy Grail is real! It actually existed! It may still exist someplace in the world today! The Holy Bible mentions The Cup of Christ (The Holy Grail) at least three times. References to The Holy Grail can be found in the Books of Matthew(Chapter 26, Verses 26-30), Mark (Chapter 14, Verses 22-26), and Luke (Chapter 22, Verses 14-20).

    The actual words “Holy Grail” are not mentioned, but every Christian I know, especially every Knight that I know, is aware that The Holy Grail is the Cup which was used by Jesus Christ at The Last Supper.

    Does The Holy Grail still exist? There is no reason why it shouldn’t. There are several cups around the world which claim to be The Cup of Christ. Will the True Cup of Christ ever be revealed? I don’t know. It really doesn’t matter. The important thing to do is to always live our lives by “The Grail Code” – “The Holy Grail of Chivalry.”

    The Grail Quest is not something to be achieved – It is something to be lived, today – now & forever!

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