Brian Brown to Knights of Lepanto in Rhode Island

brian_brown_copy.jpgActually, its a mass email from him at the National Organization for Marriage. Okay, Knights of Lepanto in Rhode Island, fall in and protect marriage.

Gill Money Flows into Special Election in Rhode Island:
Pro-Family Candidate Faces Off Against Well-Funded Same-Sex Marriage Activist

Rhode Island faces a critical special election to fill an open assembly seat on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, November 27th. Pro-family Republican Jonathan Wheeler will face off against same-sex marriage activist, Democrat Frank Ferri. The 22nd District includes Conimicut, Warwick Neck, and Oakland Beach. Less than 2000 people are expected to vote.

Frank Ferri has raised a substantial chunk of his donations from out-of-state donors and same-sex marriage special interest groups, including the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund. He received a direct contribution of $1000.00 from gay Colorado multi-millionaire Tim Gill.

Ferri failed to gain the endorsement of the Democratic Party in the primary election, but he managed to win based on low turnout. He brought in a great number of people from outside the district to canvass door-to-door, phone, mail, etc. in support of his candidacy.

He is supported by a number of a number of pro-same sex marriage groups, most prominently, Marriage Equality Rhode Island (MERI, which he chairs). After Ferri won the primary MERI’s own website trumpeted:

Frank Ferri, an openly gay man and the Chair of MERI, won today’s special Democratic primary in Warwick’s House District 22 (Conimicut, Warwick Neck, Oakland Beach). He secured 57% of the vote in a three-way primary, in a district that many thought was too conservative to elect someone like Frank. It’s an amazing first step in electing Rhode Island’s first openly gay, married legislator, and a huge milestone for the equal marriage movement in Rhode Island.

If you have friends or family in Rhode Island, especially in the 22nd Assembly District, forward this message on to them and encourage them to make sure to get out and vote on November 27th.

Contact Brian to find out more.

Brian S. Brown
Executive Director

National Organization for Marriage

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