Spanish Crusading Spirit?


I will support Islamic prayer services in the Cathedral of Cordoba when the Saudis allow Christian and Jewish services in the Grand Mosque in Mecca.

I wouldn’t. Though I think Crusader Knight’s heart is in the right place.

El Cid must be turning over in his grave at the behavior of the Spanish government.

BTW, a little off topic, when are we getting Hagia Sophia back?

2 thoughts on “Spanish Crusading Spirit?

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  2. On what ground do the Christians want to hold service in The Grand Mosque in Mecca? Unlike The Grand Mosque of Cardoba, it was a Mosque before, the property was purchased by the Muslim prior to the building of the Mosque. You have it there is bcoz the Muslim built it. In fact the best of Spain was when the Muslim built all the historical sites, which Spain manage to earn so much from tourism.

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