“The Pope, the Friar and the Mystery Knights”


(Wind blowing, creaking hinges, lightning and spooky organ music)

MaryVictrix makes the English News and a Holy Grail blog. What a hoot.

I guess some news is just too good not to print (?):

On the site, called Mary Victrix, Father Angelo Mary Geiger said: “I just find it ironic that a rehabilitation of the historic order of the Temple is somehow being translated by modern imitators as a validation of their silliness.”

In the rest of the article the reporter lets Ben Acheson cryptically affirm very little and imply very much. I will do some more fair minded research on the Hertford “Templars.” It all sounds very interesting; however I am still singularly unimpressed by the Hertford claims to Vatican influence.

I think my real criticism gets lost in all the excitement over such statements as

“but he refused to be drawn further on this point, “I have already said too much to be honest.”

It is this kind of garbage that I object to:

Rome is understood to have given the request for an apology serious consideration. Ben Acheson said the Hertford Temple had received a secret letter from the Vatican, but this had not been seen by any except a select few at the top of the order.

Why doesn’t Ben Acheson just come out and positively repudiate these reports as not coming from him, or come up with the alleged letter? Instead we get this:

Several years ago some letters between the Vatican and the Knights Templar were leaked to a London newspaper which used local records to trace Timothy and I. We told reporters what little we could and the story later appeared in numerous other places. It was reported that every October 13th for almost a century a request for the truth and an apology had been sent. There are reports that a response was recently received. I can’t confirm this.

BTW, I have not yet seen any reports of the promised public apology, or perhaps that is the secret letter itself! I guess we will have to wait 700 years in reprisal for the Vatican delay before the creaking doors of the Hertford Templar Secret Archives swing back. At least our august descendants will know the truth.

4 thoughts on ““The Pope, the Friar and the Mystery Knights”

  1. There were a couple of interesting tidbits in the English news piece:

    Mr Acheson responding to stories that the Templars found the Holy Grail, said to be the cup used by Christ at the last supper, said “people don’t really understand the symbolism of the grail” but he refused to be drawn further on this point, “I have already said too much to be honest.”


    He refused to comment on whether he was a member, but he did not deny that punishments could be meted out to whistleblowers.

    “All I would say is that people who enter the Order have to make certain oaths,” he said.

    So, we have a secret society that takes secret oaths who possess secret knowledge. All that’s left is an albino, a plot – and a not so secret book deal.

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