Bloody Feminist Pirates!


Here’s one for Mr. Gibbs.

I only saw the first Pirates Movie on a flight to somewhere. I have heard it was all downhill from there, what with a blooming goddess and the rest. Par for the course, no?

Here is Wikipedia on Elizabeth Swann (emphasis mine):

Unlike most young women in her time, Elizabeth is independent and spirited. Throughout the films, she transforms from a graceful, mild-mannered lady to a true and courageous pirate. Elizabeth has always been fascinated by pirates, but she is often revolted by their aggressive and wild nature, especially Jack Sparrow. Even after becoming a pirate, she retains her sense of propriety, as well as her loyalty and compassion for loved ones (namely William Turner).

Elizabeth adapted well to pirate life, although she had previously learned how to handle a sword from her (at the time) fiancee, Will Turner. She is able to defend herself against multiple opponents and can fight using two swords. Elizabeth has natural leadership abilities, quickly learned seamanship, and displays a talent for battle strategy, devising many defensive and offensive maneuvers against her opponents. It should be noted that she is the only character in the film to use a chinese Jian as her weapon of choice, which is ironical considering the setting it was used in: The Jian, known as the most civilized and elegant of all chinese weapons, ended up being a pirate’s weapon.

I guess every other woman of her time, with rare exception, was a servile dolt who could do nothing for herself. Thank God, for Elizabeth, who was independently minded enough to become a pirate! Of course, Hollywood creates the absurd illusion that a woman can be feminine and at the same time win at a man’s game by his own rules. At the beginning of the first movie, the young and ladylike Elizabeth sings the pirate song:

We pillage, we plunder, we rifle and loot. Drink up me ‘earties yo ho! We kidnap and ravage and don’t give a hoot. Drink up me ‘earties yo ho! Yo ho, yo ho a pirate’s life for me. We extort, we pilfer, we filch and sack. Drink up . . .

Of course, there’s no mention of ravishing and raping. But hey, Elizabeth will just cut to pieces anyone who gets in her way. Right? The great feminist illusion.

I know its just fantasy, so I am not about to wax philosophical about Pirates of the Caribbean. Even so, it is typical of the absurd feminist propaganda we have to endure everywhere.

I fondly remember growing up with the original ride at Disneyland in California. It was a blast and nothing to be taken seriously. Of course, the movies are fun too and no more to be taken seriously than the ride. As long as one knows that the fun is absurd, fine by me. What concerns me is the predictable presentation of the modern heroine, an icon of the notion that no woman but a feminist can be “independent and spirited” (read intelligent and influential). Bloody feminist rubish.

5 thoughts on “Bloody Feminist Pirates!

  1. Aye, thank ye for the post Father! Exactly what we need to watch out for. The first film contained that taste of feminism in Elizabeth’s character, though it was rather subtle compared to the other two films. From sword fighting with other cursed pirates, being ‘intelligent and influential’ (as you put it lol ), to becoming ‘king’ of the pirates in the third film, the films are really carefully crafted pieces of feminist propaganda.

  2. I know not of whom I speak, when indeed I speak of Elizabeth Swann. I saw the first pirates movie in hopes of great swashbuckling (between good GUYS and bad GUYS), and sat through the second only to loose interest in the foreshadowing of Elizabeth’s coming out as a feminist. So like I said I don’t know the “character” but I do know the portrayal of the strong feminine in which the media is trying to sell. The media has made the male figure either one of two things, 1) a feminine sniffling crybaby who has to go to the female in order to get by, 2) an abusive (either physically or mentally) self indulgent sack of a man who is more interested in the score of the game, than his family. The sad fact of the world in which we live in is that this portrayal of the male is not all too inaccurate. In my job I encounter many families, in which the mother works, and is head of the household. The Father figure is either too distracted in something worldly and not nearly paying enough (if any) attention to his family, or he has to get “permission” from his wife in order for him to carry out a simple task. I believe that Genesis states that the woman was created to be the helper of man, not the hinderer of his masculinity. That the Church teaches that we are equality lies in the reception of the sacraments and the call to holiness (men’s meeting). Why then must the media give the freeing power to the women, and the shackles to the men, unless their motive lies deeper. What I’m suggesting is that the media is attacking the Catholic Church, with hopes that it might do something that has never been done before. To lay siege to Rome! It might be arrogance as the dominate male figure on my behalf, but I think media should do some research. Pirates (Turks) once tried to invade Rome, but an individual named Don John took care of that then, and as a Knight of Lepanto have no fear I will take care of this now.

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