Lest the Girls Feel Left Out


The ladies have chashed in. Here is a review. Copy cats. Some of it seems interesting, although, someone named Goddess Musings is fond of it because feminist propaganda is woven “stealthily” into the text. Look for yourself.

10 thoughts on “Lest the Girls Feel Left Out

  1. Just the fact that someone felt that they needed to publish this, presumably in an effort to “keep up with the boys”, makes me suspicious of an agenda! SHHH (!!) we’re actually having our girls be girls and buying them this little gift pack for Christmas: Sewing with St. Anne and Tea and Cake with the Saints…

    In this day and age, it’s probably way more “daring” for a girl to read about sewing and tea parties, daring to be true women vs. little feminists.

  2. Other Mary, I can vouch for Alice Cantrell (I know her) and her books. We have Sewing with St. Anne, and I am glad to hear that her Tea and Cake with the Saints has finally been published. Thank you for letting me know!!!

    Fr. Angelo, I don’t know that I will be interested in this book. One of the people who commented said something about female pirates, and exploring the world in a greater way…hmmmm….not exactly what I have in mind for my daughters.

  3. When I die and they list off all my life’s accomplishments and traits I don’t think I’d like “daring” to top the list. Although physical activities are enjoyable, where are the books that encourage heroic feminine virtue? Ones that exemplify the beauty and sacredness of our call to imitate the Lady of ladies, Our Blessed Mother. Gentility, sweetness, kindness, fortitude, self control, patience, purity, innocence, and all those countless other virtues you can surmise merely at a glance of a portrait of our Lady. Even a woman in the world gains the highest of praise for such virtues, despite the encouragement of the feminist agenda of such vices as disrespect, impatience, selfishness, self righteousness, micromanaging control… In all reality what we women need (rather than a “Dangerous Book”) is an image of our Lady. There lies our model of a true woman for all women in all walks of life. In this day and age far too many women waste their time calling for “equality” when in reality it is a lack of virtue they are feeling the acute loss of.

  4. Dearest Fr. Angelo, you must know some pretty daring “girls!” <> I have total faith in you and Fr. Bonaventure to encourage true heroic femininity in the imitation of Our Blessed Mother so that these “girls” may one day realize the folly of their romantic notions.

    In the Kitchen, Ecce Homo Press sells a program based on Fr. Lasance’s book, Catholic Girls’ Guide. Perhaps, you have heard of this program, Little Flowers Girls’ Club. From their website: “Little Flowers Girls’ Club is a Catholic program for girls ages 5 and up based on learning Catholic virtues through the lives of Catholic saints, Scripture and the Catechism of the Catholic Church.” The site also includes a Blue Knights program for young boys.

    Mr. Gibbs…”No mercy did we ever show, for dead men tell no tales.” Seems you have somehow resurrected. Imagine that! Still got your head about you, eh?

  5. Oops! Father Angelo and All, please forgive me. I just had a thought. Besides the fact that I should keep my thoughts to myself, this time I should explain that what I meant by “romantic notions” in my previous post is that some “girls” THINK that zip line and sling shot ideas would be a lot of fun. I don’t want anyone mistaking what I meant by romantic.

    I knew I should have stayed silent…ha! Okay…back to the kitchen and self-imposed silence. Dh will be happy about that!

  6. In this day and age far too many women waste their time calling for “equality” when in reality it is a lack of virtue they are feeling the acute loss of.

    In the Kitchen: Hear, hear.


    I am really not opposed to girls being athletic and “daring” to some extent. I agree that I would put “daring” at the top of the list, or use it, as the authors of the book have done, as particularly characteristic of what girls ought to aspire for. Let girls be girls, and let them not be ashamed of their femininity.

    I knew exactly what you meant by “romantic.” It was perfectly accurate and no scandal.

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