The Night Watch Chronicles (Update: Part II added)


The following is a riveting account of the escapades of the Fall Encampment night watchmen. I hoped they learned their lesson. Most likely not. We should have lots of fun with them next time.

Actually the boys, Marc included, who conveniently left his name out of the account, did learn something. I think they will be more vigilant next time.

The Night Watch’s purpose in this encampment was to protect the camp from enemy invasions, not just one but several. Mr. Barry would attempt to catch us off our guard and get within “striking range” of us, if he succeeded in this we would be subjected to twenty to thirty minutes of work outs in the morning after a night of partial sleep. We took the challenge (as if we had a choice) with a smile and thought it would be fun.

There were a lot of us probably ten or more, and we got roughly set up and had a rough plan. Ten minutes into the night Father Bonaventure had successfully infiltrated our base, he hid behind Adam (which isn’t hard to do) and we paid no attention to him because he said he would go get some flash lights for us. Father then explained to us that it was only a test but, we failed none the less and this made some kids very jumpy.

Charley, Richie, and I whipped out the poker game and started to play. The people around us were going out on patrols and telling us that we would be sorry and that we were going to get caught because we weren’t paying any attention. We figured that no one would think of trying to infiltrate within the first two hours. We then heard a bird coming from the road, the only area that no one was watching. After a few minutes and a couple more bird sounds everyone got antsy. Charley, Richie and I kept playing our game. I had a flush and I wasn’t going to give it up. We dismissed it on the probability that the Moores could be bringing out their dogs, because there were dog sounds in the background. The birds sounds then stopped and then five to ten minutes later we heard them again but now further up the road, almost parallel to where I was sitting. With out hesitating we got up from our poker game, this time I had a bad hand, and about four or five of us went toward the street.

Then what happened is a little fuzzy in my memory, but what basically happened is after I and three other guys came back from a patrol around the friary to cover our flank we saw a big commotion around the camp. Adam caught Father Michael, he was doing the bird calls and Charley, thinking he was smart, went away from the commotion (toward the outdoor altar) to make sure it wasn’t a distraction and BAM! Brice, a.k.a. Skeet, grabed him by his ankles from underneath one of the pine trees. At the time we didn’t know, Charley came out looking distressed his head looking down toward the ground. “What happened?” one of the boys asked him. “I don’t want to talk about it.” He answered. Seconds later Brice popped out of the trees like Tarzan and tagged four of us. The rest of us ran toward the fire to guard it. Brice was then tagged by one of the watchmen and than began to told us what he “knew” about what was going on. We didn’t really pay any attention to what he said other than the fact that there were more than just Father Michael, Brice, and Mr. Barry and his kids.

Update: Part II

During the night there was another attempt by Brice to catch us off guard but it didn’t work. The night was long and now there was only four of us; Adam was kind of there but, he was asleep on the ground.

I fell asleep for about half an hour and so did Richie. I then heard a big commotion, I then saw that the others had caught Mr. Barry’s oldest son. A while had passed, we almost caught his younger son, but he got away. Now we were really on our guard. His son was making us nervous by looking toward the trees every so often and he wouldn’t answer our questions but say “I don’t know” with this cynical look on his face. We made him go get some fire wood with us, we were too scared to do it on our own, we stayed close to the fire. We eventually stopped communicating with him

We were then fooling around and talking but still very jumpy and alert. I, being “slap happy,” said that my spider sense was tingling. I turned on the flash light and blindly pointed it behind me, there was his other son, his youngest son, every one was amazed that my spider sense worked. Adam who woke up because of all the noise, saw him frozen in his tracks and started to chase after him and so did one of the others. Charley said that we all can’t chase after him; some one had to watch the fire.

Everyone was watching him like it was the final deceive play in a basket ball game with seconds left. Richie, who was the one closest to the fire still sitting in his seat, saw a shooting star and decided to look for another one rather than watching the rear of the fire, BAM! Doug got within striking range and everyone was mortified. We spent the next half hour talking about how we messed up and saying how it was unfair and he twisted the rules.

I said “you guys we were owned, we had no chance they got us fair and square,” and then BAM! a second time. While we were talking Father Ignatius was hiding in our shadows waiting for the opportune time to strike. We were beat not once but twice. There was no complaining after Father caught us because we figured that he was trained to do this kind of stuff (him being a West Pointer and all) and there was no way that we were going to catch him.

The next morning Mr. Barry said that we did very well and that we had him doubt himself, and he didn’t think that he would be able to catch us, so he gave us no workouts in reprisal. We were pretty satisfied with the quality of our watch but, swear that next time no one is going to get through.


45 thoughts on “The Night Watch Chronicles (Update: Part II added)

  1. To the Night Watchmen:
    I will say that I was very impressed at how well “blanketed” you kept your perimeter. I did have a difficult time sneaking in to the camp. I did not take your fire like Mr. Barry, and Fr. Ignatius accomplished, yet I was able to kill a few guardsmen. You boys surprised me in the maturity in which you took your task. Job well done. You do know that next year the strikes will come harder, faster, and more numerous. Just forewarning you so that you can make a game plan, and plan on not playing games.


  2. Hey Marc you only covered until like 1:00. After that we went down the street and spied on Mr. Barry and his kids in the field over by the cottage. Then you left out the part when Mr. Barry actually caught us at like 4:00. He sent his youngest kid over to distract us while he sneaked in from the other side…you should write a page 2.

  3. Yea well, I had two essays, one that was finished and one that wasn’t, I sent father the wrong one, the not finshed one. I could do a part 2…

  4. Marc,

    I think that is clearly your duty. Submission of a full report will be required immediately, unless you wish to face a full court marshal. I am sure the knights concur. Men: Yea or Nea?

  5. I’m no knight. (A blind Fair-Maiden could tell the difference between me and a Knight), but can I vote ‘Yea’ for Court-Marshaling Marc? Oh, and congratulations, Richie!

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  7. Aye Marc! Hopefully I’ll be in better condition when the day is over. I say we give ’em all we’ve got. Paintball snipers? Infrared goggles? Or even a spotlight for on top of the tower? We’ll run the place tighter than Alcatraz. I suggest that we bring in THE ‘secret weapon’…..

  8. ok the rules are that the night watch has to protect the camp from intruders. if the night watch is cought sleeping on duty then the intruders get to wake the entire camp up and make every one mad. if the intruders get within “strikeing distance” or tags you (the night watchmen) then the night watch fails and is subject to do what ever the “punishment” is.

  9. The punishments vary. The first time we had a night watch, the punishment was to do the dishes after Sunday Morning Breakfast. This time I fear it shall be worse…

  10. Paul Xavier,
    Do you really want paintball, It really wouldn’t be fair to you guys. Secondly your “secret weapon” isn’t anything in comparison to our secret weapon.
    Fra. Cyprian it’s easy if you are on Our Side you take teh fire, if your on the Night Watch side you loose…

  11. Set All Afire,
    How can you know what our secret weapon is, if neither I, nor my fellow Night Watchmen know what it is? The paintball thing was just an…idea…which I probably just gave to the wrong person. lol Perhaps we could…settle for a price? How much would it cost to get you on our side?

  12. Marc,

    You did a very nice job on the “Night Watch Chronicles.” You just left out the part when you were asleep which happened to be a very very very……. long time. Much longer than just half hour. Better luck next year.

  13. Paul Xavier,
    No price is needed, consider me an friend, and a foe. I work with you night watchmen, then I test your skills. I have never given any of your “secrets” away due to loyalty and chivarly. If you need help in coming up with one or two the night watch and I can sit down and have a pow wow, then you guys make it happen. As far as thee paintball idea, as of Christmas 2007 it will no longer be an idea, it will be a reality. Sorry. Looking foward to the next night watch, lock and load.

  14. Set All Afire,
    Ok, I shall consider you both a friend and a foe. Someone to help us and test us…Please excuse me if I seem a little…uneasy about trusting you. Especially after the incident in the tower with the bucket of water and hose, I find it a hard to trust anyone…even my fellow Night Watchmen. (Referring to the person who gave away our entire plan last time) *chuckles* This will definitely be fun…

  15. Paul Xavier,
    I understand your concern, but I should remind you that after the “court marshall”, I was teh one who stayed up with teh watch. Also at you obvious revenge for the aforementioned court marshall, I was the only one who stood up to get hit by about 10 water ballons which set off the “tower” incident of which you speak. There was no stool pigieon who forwarned me about your plans. It was just revenge on my part.
    So you can trust me as far as helping you guys out with your “secret” plan, then and only then after you have the plan set I will test it out as an advisary to the Night Watch.

  16. Set All Afire,
    The water balloon incident was not a ‘revenge’ scenario…we were simply…having fun. *smirks* Yes, you were the only one who came forward. A most…chivalrous act. (Standing up when others cowered by the fire) lol I wouldn’t call it a very secret plan, because it will probably be posted online after the next encampment. lol

  17. Rather than paintballs, why not airsoft? The guns are more accurate, and the pellets are smaller, and hurt much less. Pluss, they won’t break windows! The pellets break on impact. And they have: Machine guns, pistols, sniper rifles, shotguns, rifles, semi aoutos, assault rifles, automatics, machine pistols, submachine guns, ak-47’s, turret guns. Shorty U.S.A. has a bunch real cheap. (They do have a website, I can’t remember it though.) AND THEY DON”T HURT NEARLY AS MUCH!!!!

  18. And, set all afire, I’m looking forward to seeing you and your army from atop the the tower with my floodlight, and, secret weapon……..(Most likely a couple of machine gun turrets, and a shotgun or two….flak canon maybe….)

  19. Signaveritae,
    What kind of knight are you, going for something called “airsoft”, and not paintball? Using excuses such as breaking windows, if I recall there are no windows near the tower. Secondly if Father Angelo gives the OK then it is on for paintball, I will even accept this “airsoft” in which you speak of. As far as seeing my army, it didn’t help you night watch when two members of my army took your fire, you can’t see what you don’t know is there.

  20. Though airsoft may actually be cheaper, I would prefer paintball. It gives a…desired effect. In so many words, YOU FEEL IT. But one concern would arise, masks? It will be dark and if you cant see who your shooting, someone is bound to get it in the face. (No need to worry about windows) Clearly these comments including my own are mostly exaggeration and propaganda to strike fear into the hearts of the intruders, but might I suggest that instead of looking forwards to something that may not even happen, why don’t we (K)Night Watchmen actually try to form an organized plan (Or something resembling one) so that we may actually hold a successful ‘Night Watch?’

  21. Slow down mister Set All Afire, slow down. I am an airsoft nut and own multiple guns and it is a disgrace to hear you speak about airsoft that way. You make it sound like it’s a coward’s game. Let me tell you , it sure as heck is NOT. I have personally come out of games bleeding. Trust me, YOU FEEL IT ( that info is for Paul Xavier). Both my guns will make you bleed if I get close enough and are pretty much guaranteed to give you welts at any range. Combine that with my “ninja” skills…. ouch! Airsoft guns can also be used at long range. Both my guns can be used at long range, combine that with my two million candle power spot light… ouch. I think we’re all trying to turn the Night Watchmen thing into an all night airsfot (or if we have to, paintball) war but hey, it sounds cool to me.

  22. i have airsoft and if you want the same quality gun as a paintball gun you have to go pretty expensive. i have cheep guns and the distance stinks on them, although not to take away from the fact that airsoft is indeed fun, in this case paint ball would be the cheeper and more fun alternitive. the other good thing about paintball is once you’re hit the other player can see the evedince, so none of this “nah.. you didn’t hit me” “yea i did!” stuff. i do agree whith Phil that airsoft on a whole is better because it adds a sence of reality to it but, paintball in this case i think would be the better of the two.

  23. To all concerned,
    This will not be an all night paintball war. This will be a test of skills of the night watch. Once again let me repeat, this will be a test of the night watch. The plans are not set in stone of course, a paint ball war might be a fun idea for an activity at the encampment (for knights 14+, sorry safety will be an issue), but the actual watch will have only 1 gun, if any gun at all. The attackers will be the ones with the guns. If you are taken out of the game by an attacker you have to sit out. Until there is only one left. This is to test your skills as a team, and individual fortitude at keeping calm and protecting your fire. Sorry to disappoint, but I’m not disappointed, I will have a gun.

    Seriously guys we can’t be having a war while other campers are trying to sleep, and the guns involved will be pump action or very low setting of CO2. We can talk however about having a war of either paintball (highly recommended) or air soft (not to sure cause I haven’t played) in back across the stream. We shall see, we shall see.

  24. I know there won’t be a war at night, especially with everyone trying to sleep. But please, let me get this straight. Your going to be sitting in a tree…picking us off one by one…while we stand watch by the fire? That sounds…quite ridiculous…what’s the challenge? Try to use your ‘spider’ sense to detect incoming paintballs? lol If the Night Watchers were jumpy as Marc said, I’ll hate to see the next encampment…. But if we get hit, do we get to cry: “MEDIC!” or something like “CHARLIES IN THE TREES!” and get to wake everyone up? lol Actually, I think I’ve found another use for my chain mail shirt, besides using it to dress up as a knight……body armor. *chuckles*

  25. St. Gerard, you were on the white team with me and i was the ONLY one who couldn’t whistle with an acorn!

    John De Brubuff

  26. Well, when the friars engage the catapults and trebuchets from the woods you will all be wishing you had something a little heavier than your paintballs. All very interesting.

  27. Ah, a correction John de Brubuff, I didn’t know how to whistle with an acorn either. Lucas actually taught me the week after the encampment. If you want, I’ll be glad to show you how to whistle with one the next time I see you.

    St. Gerard

  28. All right nix the paintball idea, but we will have something to challenge the knight watchmen. Only time will tell. As far as Lucas having the “force”, I believe his older brother’s taught it to him, or that gruop known as the BSA. Looking foward to teh next encmapment, you night watch better know your Catechism, and prayers, just trust me.

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