Templar Fairplay


Ben Acheson has responded to my last post on the Templar rehabilitation. You may want to follow the thread of comments here. However, in the interests of fairness I want to give his comment prominent attention:

Dear All

I would like to clear up a few misconceptions.

First and foremost, my brother and I make no claims about the Knights Templar or about ourselves.

Several years ago some letters between the Vatican and the Knights Templar were leaked to a London newspaper which used local records to trace Timothy and I. We told reporters what little we could and the story later appeared in numerous other places. It was reported that every October 13th for almost a century a request for the truth and an apology had been sent. There are reports that a response was recently received. I can’t confirm this.

Since then we’ve been contacted many times and asked many questions. We help as best we can. This is nothing but a minor nuisance. We are not paid for our time and do not benefit in any way whatsoever.

Please note that we have no position of our own on the Templars, only a willingness to share what little local history we know. Journalists routinely refer to us as Templars but we have made no reference to this ourselves.

So far as history is concerned I can offer you this:

In spite of the Templar arrests in France it was a few years until any arrests were made in England, so that the country became a natural refuge for those who didn’t fancy having body parts roasted off or being tortured or burned alive. There was a lot of public support for the Order here, particularly in Hertford, where there are records of civil unrest due to the arrest of four Templars from nearby Temple Dinsley. They were first locked up in Hertford Castle and then two were taken to the Tower of London. No executions took place. Everybody survived. No treasures or items of interest were recovered and indeed even the Temple’s ships managed to escape capture. Given the minimal persecution in England, is it really so hard to believe that some Templars may have continued to meet? In a military organisation when the leaders are captured the highest ranking officer available takes charge. He requires no special charter or permission to do this.

Situated close to two major ancient roads, Royston Cave was just a hidden storehouse. It was used by trading Templars from Temple Dinsley to store goods bound for market. After the persecution began it is thought that some middle-ranking Templars were hidden in the cave. Certainly somebody made carvings almost identical to those made by senior Templars on the walls of Castle Chinon in France where the main leaders of the Order were held. Royston cave remained hidden under a millstone for hundreds of years and was discovered by accident.

The similarity in the carvings led to the quite reasonable speculation that the Templars did not completely cease to exist worldwide on 13th October 2007 – but that some continued to meet, be it officially or unofficially.

Hertford Town Centre, where Parliament relocated during the Plague and where it is thought the date of Easter was decided during the synod of 673 AD, has always been riddled with tunnels. These vary in date from the 12th century to the 19th century. Those of most interest are beneath Bluecoats and Bailey Hall. Bluecoats was built on the site of the Priory of St John and Bailey Hall was built upon medieval tunnels of unknown origin. There are family stories and local legends of Templars being hidden in some of these tunnels.

No trace of the Holy Grail though. That’s just journalistic sensationalism, as is much of what has been said in the media and sometimes attributed to members of my family.

PS: “the renewal of chivalry is extraordinarily important for the restoration of moral and cultural common sense.” (Well said.)

God bless you all.

Thank you, Ben, for the kind words.

11 thoughts on “Templar Fairplay

  1. To all concerned,
    I have “cracked” the Da Vinci Code and a new book will be added to my existing volume entitled, “The Da Vinci Code Revelations. The existing volume is called An End to All Disease. Following the clues in Da Vinci’s painting, I followed the trail to the real Holy Grail and decoded the symbols on “how to” become “A Christ”. My book explains all the mysteries of the novel. I have been putting my new healing ability to the test and have been quite successful. Also, I can now use about 83% of my brain. It has been quite an incredible experience. Eventually, I hope to go on book tour and teach others how to access the Christos frequency for healing and enlightenment. Until then, Lawrence Frego, HKt.B

  2. Lt. Lawrence:
    If you have indeed “cracked” the Da Vinci Code, and you have found the “Holy Grail”, you Sir will know that the only place you can find “Christ” is in the Tabernacle of a Catholic Church. I pray for you and your lost soul, why don’t you use the 17% of your brain and ask Our Lord and Our Mother for forgiveness.

  3. By the way, The “Holy Grail” which Arthurian legend believes is the chalice that held the blood of Our Lord, was only seen, in the legend by Galahad, the innocent and pure. Following Da Vinci who, by his own admission, isn’t innocent and pure can only lead you down the road which is wide and well traversed. Not the road that leads to our true and only Savior Jesus Christ.

  4. For the sake of charity I will not say anything about that one, as hard as it is. Except – talk about leaving an opening. Man…

    Father, are there indulgences for personal restraint?

  5. Am I amissing something here? Can you point me to a past discussion or a different site that led to the comments from Lt. Frego.

    Based on the information I read on this website page….


    I am not sure we need to discourage Lt. Frego. Perhaps, I am looking at his effort from a scholarly perspective. But, in the end, if there is any truth to what he is doing, his philosophical findings will not contradict Truth.

    What am I missing?


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  7. The Da Vinci Code has been cracked, try to translate “El Código Dan Brown por Leonardo da Vinci” (The Dan Brown Code by Leonardo da Vinci) a book by Christopher Thea. The key is very simple: when Dan brown say North go South, if he say East you bet West, if he say “M” look for a “W”, if He say Church look for State, Vatican for Congress, Mona’s for MASON’s, a fake Teacher for The Right Teacher, but if he points the Star of David, don’t even think for a moment is about a Holy Grail, something so sacred that you will never see in your life, it is about something you see everyday but you don’t pay any attention, look what is over the “spread eagle’, no in the da vinci code, but over the dollar bill…

  8. Dear SetAfire,

    I would suggest you read the book before pronouncing judgement upon it. Christ or the “Christos frequency” is not to be found in a building. Any building. Your own body is the vessel holding the key. The actualy meaning of “church” is a place where one is initiated into the mysteries, not the building itsefl. A common misconception. If you get in touch with “the Christ within”, you can heal terminal cancer patients with your hands. So, by all means test this at any church in the world and see if it passes the test of the real world. I have already done it and it worked.

    In the light of God’s unconditional love,

    Rev. Lawrence Frego, HKt.B

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