Lt. Michael P. Murphy, USN, Medal of Honor Recipient

3 thoughts on “Hero

  1. As we go about our daily routine, we often time forget that there are men and women loosing their lives for our freedom. The press, congress, politicians, and the liberals are so un-patriotic and anti-military. It is a breathe of much needed fresh air to know that there are still hero’s out there fighting for what is right, willing to make the ultimate sacrifice so that others may live another day. In a time where the military is being bashed from all sides, that the word “hero” is in reference to a sandwich and not a person, Lt Murphy did his job, his obligation to the fullest, he was given his just rewards on earth by receiving such a prestigious award. I pray that our heavenly Father, it also giving Lt. Murphy his reward in heaven. Keep him and his family in our prayers

  2. Men often forget that these brave people are litteraly facing the enemy every day…..then they go slandering the war because they feel guilty inside, because they were cowards, and didn’t go. I mean, some of these people are so left wing, that the last time they played right field, they tripped on third base.

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