Knights of Lepanto Shirts


This is our new Knights of Lepanto t-shirt on Knight Errant, who never allows his face to be seen. He generally only shows up in his armor, otherwise he walks backward. The banner is a really cool vinyl printout of the MaryVictrix logo.

The design of the shirt reflects the Knights of Lepanto coat of arms:


The blue field represents heaven and the white represents earth. The three upper fleur-de-lis represent the Most Holy Trinity. The middle fleur-de-lis is both blue and white because it represents the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity, the Eternal word who became incarnate for our salvation. So here the blue and white reminds us of the two natures of Christ, divine and human. The blue fleur-de-lis in the lower right represents Our Lady, the Mother of Jesus.

Along the diagonal axis from upper left to lower right we have the Son in the Middle, and then His Father in heaven in the upper left and His Mother on Earth in the lower right. Jesus is the only begotten of the Father with no Mother in heaven and the only begotten of His Mother with no Father on earth.

Along the the right vertical axis joining the Holy Spirit and Our Lady we she a visual sign of the spousal relationship between the Third Person of the Most Holy Trinity and the Mother of God. Our Lady is overshadowed by the Spirit.

Along the horizontal axis in the white field we find represented Our Lady at the foot of the Cross. Jesus dies for his bride the Church personified by the Blessed Virgin, and She is totally obedient and committed in solidarity to the work of Her Son.

This Trinitarian and Marian representation reminds us that we must proceed from a deep interior life, union with God through Our Lady, to a life of charity and action, within the family, holy matrimony and the broader social life. As the most fundamental relationship between men, male and female, is matrimony and family life, the restoration of sanity in the relations between men and women is fundamental. The relationship between Jesus and Mary is the archetype. Jesus is the true Knight and Our Lady is the Bride/Damsel in Distress.

The red cross reminds us of the crusading spirit and the tradition of the military order.

The shirt design is very similar to the coat of arms. The main difference is the field in the lower left that has a war galley mast and sail, representing the Spirit of Lepanto:


The front of the Shirt is embroidered with “Knights of Lepanto”:


The adult shirts go for $14.00. I have 100 shirts total right now in all adult and kid sizes, and will be making them available at the Encampment. I will order more as needed.

5 thoughts on “Knights of Lepanto Shirts

  1. Nice shirt! Not so sure about Knight Errant, though. Maybe he could just wear his knight’s helmet with the visor down? He could maintain his humble anonymity, avoid wearing the rest of his heavy armor (so that his squire isn’t having to buff and polish it all the time) AND avoid bumping into things walking around backwards all day whilst going about his knightly “erranting”!

    By the way, Knight Errant is looking much too dry in this photograph, with the amount of rain falling today and all of the work he was supposedly doing this afternoon!

  2. I’m sure he was just too humble and manly to show his face. He looks quite the epitome of chivalry to me. Just sends goosebumps down my spine…..

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