All Hallows Survey II

Come on guys. We need some ideas. If you don’t come up with something we are liable to do something on a Star Wars theme. Like this:

Here is the site of the rocket’s creators.

The sound was edited out, but I found the original–what they did not want you to hear:

And finally, I discovered that the video was even altered by the government to hide the truth concerning U.F.O.’s. Here is the undoctored video. Sorry, the Porkins audio has been omitted. Just imagine the two together:

Excuse the language at the end of the clip.

21 thoughts on “All Hallows Survey II

  1. My daughter says why not a Haunted Veggie Tale theme. I think we should flood the ground and do a lepanto reenactment or Noah’s flood. YEA!!!!!! How about something cooler like Joan of Arc or something about St. Maurice.

  2. Yea, having a life gets in the way of my blogging. I think you should have a joust. TLOTR is old. Time for King Arthur or something. Pull the sword from the stone contest. The way to get the sword can be a riddle and physical tests. Or knight some squires or something knightish.

  3. How about something Apocalyptic? The 4 horseman and a plague or two?

    Maybe a battle of the good and bad angels – Satan vs. St. Michael, leading each pack respectively?

    Or perhaps a Purgatorial theme, with the Holy Souls crying out for prayers from behind the bonfire?

    Hang on, forget that…why not go the whole monty? Let’s just go with Dante’s inferno — or maybe a reenactment of one of Don Bosco’s dreams?

    Enough ideas?! Plenty of pyrotechnical opportunities, too! We know you friars like to play with fire, explosions and whatnot!!

  4. How about re-enacting Lepanto? Or beheading a Democratic Liberal? I agree with Deb about teh King Authur theme, but with blood, and fighting, and a black Knight, and Knights that say NeeH!!!

  5. How about an Old Fashioned Garden Party? Or Ballroom Dancing!? *smiles* Ok… I have this sudden feeling that the boys aren’t going to be very happy with me…

  6. Plagues are nice. . . not. Great ideas. Keep em coming. Yes, we have never had blood before. We need lots of blood. A good battle is what we need. Not that we learned anything from last year.

  7. I think the pumpkin canon is a great idea! I have seen Fr. Ignatius play football…he’s fast, agile, and catches well. I think it would be a great show to have him try to catch the pumpkins whole. Since it will be dark, perhaps you could load the pumpkin with a glow stick before setting off the canon.

    After judging the costumes, the children could get their revenge on the novices by dressing the novices up as the North American Martyrs and re-enacting the run up the hill. Since there are only 7 novices, perhaps, some young man would like to volunteer to be the eighth martyr…oh, wait a minute…Kyle is still around. This could satisfy the need for lots of blood.

    Another idea is to have the children answer Catechism questions posed by Fr. Bonaventure. For punishment for standing in the presence of Our Lord at the conference and not keeping his vow of silence, Gabriel aka Brother Mule could “volunteer” to mount “the rack.” For every question missed, Fr. B could increase the tension.

  8. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =) =) =) Sorry, just trying to get attention for my idea…. We can hire some celebs, and have the cat puke all over them….no, really, how about a water baloon WWI fight with trenches and the whole 14 yards……or we can have people climbing up ladders as if they were besieging the tower and the defenders can pour boiling pitch (water in this case) on them!

  9. And the pumkin canon…..I don’t know how fast the pumpkins will be…..oh well, I suppose it’s no more…er…..”dangerous” (if you want to call it that….it’s pretty much suicide…) than my ideas……”we need lots of bood” I know how we could get blood! Hire a bunch of emo people to, when they slit there wrists, do it over a bowl….but I still think that the water ballons would be good….or bomb bags….(for those of you who don’t know what “bomb bags” are here is a link – ) better yet, we could have Fra. Augustine play Call of Duty with the mic. up to the speakers for special effects!

  10. Ummmm…. Signaverite – I think you should change your medication……

    I am still trying to imagine Fr. Angelo speechless????

    Ave Maria!

  11. I can only imagine who “Kinight Errant” is……, and, for the record…I am not on medication….er……just rather hyper-ish….we could use something fun though…I mean, c’mon….the battle last year was a mess… we orcs were way out-numbered, and there was to-many elistees that came up right on the battle…..I saw some real little, like 5 year olds, running around…..just something fun, like the first year….. with the dragon. But, for WWI, we could use the kubota to dig trenches.

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