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Now the story is that some crackpot masquerading as a real descendant of the Templars occasioned the latest revelation of Vatican-Templar relations. Please let it not be true.

According to one blog, this particular “Templar,” Ben Acheson, is connected with a conspiracy theory site run by his twin brother Tim, or perhaps they are not twins but the same person.

Acheson listed himself as a journalist and independent researcher, writing for an online ‘conspiracy-news’ publication called The Insider. (Its onsite metatags describe it as about “Conspiracy Theory News: New World Order, Conspiracy Theories, News, Government, Secret Societies, Freemasons, Extraterrestrials, War… News and reports on serious current Conspiracy Theories, including the New World Order, Freemasons, extraterrestrials, religion, and secret societies“). A whois lookup on the web domain shows it registered to Tim Acheson, of United Lodge, Ware (the adjoining town to Hertford). His posts evidently quoted his own Insider articles as news.

I hope the bureaucrats in the Vatican didn’t really fall for this. Anyway, nothing would surprise me.

For years now, Catholic scholars have admitted that political chicanery was involved in the surpression of the Templars. That is not to say, however, that there is any reason to admit, that the Freemasonic, new age, neopagan posers should be given any credibility on account of the rehabilitation of the historical order. Heaven knows, though, that they will.

And yes they are posers. Wikipedia has it right:

The story of the secretive yet powerful medieval Templars, especially their persecution and sudden dissolution, has been a tempting source for many other groups which use alleged connections with the Templars as a way of enhancing their own image and mystery. For instance, since at least the 1700s the Freemasons have incorporated some Templar symbols and rituals, and have a modern degree called “Order of the Knights Templar”. The Sovereign Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem, founded in 1804, has achieved United Nations NGO status as a charitable organization.

Though there is no clear historical link between the Templars (abruptly dismantled in the early 1300s), and any of these organizations (the oldest of which only emerged in the 1700s), there is often public confusion between the two, and many overlook the 400-year gap.

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  1. You cite a personal blog and a Wikki page as definitive sources? I’d put more faith in the Vatican and the news papers whose stories you are questioning.

  2. An interesting article, but your sources are somebody’s personal blog and a Wiki page. How reliable are these sources compared to the respected newspapers and their journalists whose story you are questioning, or the Vatican who takes it “seriously”?

  3. Jaques,

    My “questioning” was explicitly wishful: I hope the bureaucrats in the Vatican didn’t really fall for this. Anyway, nothing would surprise me.

    I do not question the authenticity of the Chinon Parchment or the Vatican’s book on the subject, or the justification for a rehabilitation of the historical Order of the Temple. My question is to what extent Ben Acheson, who claims to be a real Templar, influenced the publication of the book. No apology has been issued as of yet. And up until now no concrete evidence has been marshaled in anything I have read to show that the publication of the Vatican’s book has anything at all to do with Mr. Acheson’s demand for an apology. As far as I can find the entire basis for linking Ben Acheson’s demand to the publication of the Vatican’s book is the following statement from the Hertfordshire Mercury:

    We can reveal that a letter from the Vatican was sent to the Templars earlier this month acknowledging the anniversary, which falls tomorrow.

    It is believed the letter was signed by the Pope and sent to the Templars in Hertford.

    It told of a new book due to be published by the Vatican’s Secret Archives on October 25 that will restore the reputation of the Templars.

    A Hertford member of the Templars told the Mercury: “We pray that at the end of seven centuries, the soul of Jacques de Molay may now rest in peace forever. The Temple now considers the matter closed.”

    The book comes after an archives official located a scrap of the Chinon parchment, a document misfiled in the archives since the 17th century.
    Our Templar source said: “Publicly, the Vatican says the release is in response to the document being found by Prof Barbara Frale – but she found it way back in 2001.

    “The Vatican’s latest letter acknowledges that, in fact, the announcement has been timed to coincide with the 700th year – in line with our long-standing request.

    “It’s quite annoying that they are not publicly acknowledging this but it is far better than nothing and the Grand Master [of the Templars] is clearly happy with it.”

    Let me guess, the “Hertford member of the Templars” who spoke to the Mercury is none other than Ben Acheson. . . or was it Tim Acheson? Whatever. I guess that just settles it. Mind you, I would not be surprised if some low level bureaucrat did something as silly as acknowledging the Acheson propaganda machine; however, I think it most unlikely that a pope would sign a letter of that kind without himself making it public. Do your research. The Holy See does not operate like that at the pontifical level.

    As for my citation from Wikipedia about the authenticity of the modern “Templars,” that was a matter of convenience. No serious scholar of history would debate that the modern Templars’ claim of direct descent from the historical order is anything more than a boys club fantasy. Malcom Barber, one of the foremost Templar historians states the following in Slate:

    As myth has it, on that March evening in 1314, unique knowledge was supposedly handed down to the care of future generations, making the Templars and their mystery a particularly fertile resource for novelists and popular historians. Sir Walter Scott, whose eye for a gripping story made his books best sellers in their time, created the template for fiction and drama that many have since followed. In Ivanhoe, which he published in 1819, his villainous Templar, Sir Brian de Bois-Guilbert, views with contempt the austerities of the first Templars, since whose time he and his fellows have adopted secret practices “dedicated to ends of which our pious founders little dreamed.” Today, as Casaubon says in Umberto Eco’s satire Foucault’s Pendulum, “The Templars have something to do with everything.”

    But hey, what does a scholar know. As The Insider, that pillar of journalistic integrity, says:

    Now all that remains is to find the Holy Grail.

    Good luck. I just find it ironic that freemasonic, neopagan, Da Vinci Code masquerades of the Templars are claiming the Vatican’s actions as vindication of their tomfoolery.

  4. Here is another pertinent quote from Malcolm Barber:

    The Templar myths have therefore proved extremely durable and their contribution to the modern image of the real Templars arguably as powerful as that of their documented history between 1119 and 1314. The longevity of these myths perhaps, like Gnosticism, relates to their flexibility, for they have been used by both conservative and radical proponents of the conspiracy theory of history, by romantics imbued with nostalgia for a lost medieval past, by Freemasons seeking a colourful history to justify their penchant for quasi-religious ritual and play acting, and by charlatans who seek profit in exploiting the gullible (The New Knighthood: A History of the Order of the Temple. Cambrige: Cambrige University Press, 1994. 334).

  5. It entirely reasonable to conclude that this move by the Vatican is the long-awaited response to the campaign by modern-day Templars. This is certainly the version of events described by respected commentators who have been personally involved with this issue over the years, in newspapers and online. E.g. Ruth Glenhill, Religion Correspondent at The Times newspaper:-

    The Times, 17 October 2007

    We know from a letter leaked to the press in 2004 that The Templars asked the Vatican to “acknowledge” their innocence before the 7th centenary:-

    The Independent, 29 November 2004

    The Times, 29 November 2004

    And that is exactly what the Vatican did, after “seriously considering” the request as reported at the time.

    The Templars did not ask for an “apology”. This is a common misconception; in fact the word “apology” was only added to the story by newspapers and web sites, presumably to dramatise the story.

    A letter to the Pope from living descendents of the Templars appeared in the press in 2004: “We shall witness the 700th anniversary of the persecution of our order on 13th October 2007,” the letter said. “It would be just and fitting for the Vatican to acknowledge our grievance in advance of this day of mourning.”

    On 25 October 2007, exactly 13 days from the morning of the anniversary, an official document will be released by the Vatican absolving the Knights Templar and confirming their innocence.

  6. Some of the modern “Templars” are masonic. They have no connection to the historical order. The Order of Knights of the Temple founded in the 12th century was not of gnostic origin. Some conspiracy theorists claim that Freemasonry goes all the way back to the origins of the Templars, but this is just recreational “history.”

  7. Jaques,

    Again, all your references depend entirely upon one source: the Acheson brothers. Why don’t the Achesons just release the Vatican letter they allegedly have? All of this is traced back to one or two people, and they don’t substantiate their claim? What am I supposed to think?

    In any case, I will not be surprised if the the Vatican does rehabilitate the Templars. This has been called for by Catholic historians for years.

    Aside from the historically unsupportable assertion that there are any "living descendants of the Templars," it is completely absurd that the modern claimants to the name "Knights Templar" should consider a rehabilitation vindication of their organization.

    The Order of the Temple was a religious order of the Roman Catholic Church, whose very existence depended on the jurisdiction of the Holy See. When they were suppressed, even wrongly, they simply ceased to exist. I know well that in certain places such as in Portugal under the title of Knights of Christ, they assumed new canonical existence, but then they ceased to be Knights Templar.

    The Temple was an order, because it was a religious order of the Catholic Church. The modern Templars are not even Catholic organizations, let alone Catholic religious orders.

    The Freemasonic and neopagan entities that claim to be real Templars are indulging themselves in the most historically absurd conspiracy theories about "ancient mysteries" and arcane secrets uncovered in Jerusalem in the 11th century. More of the Dumb Vinci Code. But hey, Dan Brown has believers, what the heck?

    Furthermore, Freemasonic associations are heretical organizations, condemned by the popes long ago. Canonical censures are still in place for any Catholic who belongs to any such association. Need I point again out that it would be absurd to conclude that a rehabilitation of the historical order has anything to do with consoling the members of the modern charades? As Archbishop Burke, an eminent judge on the Apostolic Signatura, highest court in the Roman Catholic Church, has recently remarked:

    On November 26, 1983, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith issued a declaration regarding Masonic associations, with the approval of Pope John Paul II who ordered its publication. The declaration responded to the question whether the judgment of the Church had changed regarding Masonic associations, since they are not expressly mentioned in the 1983 Code of Canon Law, as they were in the 1917 Code of Canon Law. The response given in the declaration contains four points: 1) the Church’s negative judgment regarding Masonic associations remains unchanged because the principles of the associations are irreconcilable with the Church’s teaching; 2) membership, therefore, in them remains forbidden; 3) members of the faithful who join Masonic associations fall into serious sin; and 4) "they may not approach for Holy Communion". Making reference to the Congregation’s declaration of February 17, 1981, the declaration further indicates that local ecclesiastical authorities do not enjoy the faculty "of offering a judgment regarding the nature of Masonic associations, which would involve the derogation of the above-stated judgment".

    In the end, however, I know that this story is just too good for the media not to give this nonsense some airplay. You will, I’m sure, manage to convince many that the Church has somehow validated your organization. Nevertheless, the truth will always remain after the tantalizing propaganda has become old news.

  8. Dear All

    I would like to clear up a few misconceptions.

    First and foremost, my brother and I make no claims about the Knights Templar or about ourselves.

    Several years ago some letters between the Vatican and the Knights Templar were leaked to a London newspaper which used local records to trace Timothy and I. We told reporters what little we could and the story later appeared in numerous other places. It was reported that every October 13th for almost a century a request for the truth and an apology had been sent. There are reports that a response was recently received. I can’t confirm this.

    Since then we’ve been contacted many times and asked many questions. We help as best we can. This is nothing but a minor nuisance. We are not paid for our time and do not benefit in any way whatsoever.

    Please note that we have no position of our own on the Templars, only a willingness to share what little local history we know. Journalists routinely refer to us as Templars but we have made no reference to this ourselves.

    So far as history is concerned I can offer you this:

    In spite of the Templar arrests in France it was a few years until any arrests were made in England, so that the country became a natural refuge for those who didn’t fancy having body parts roasted off or being tortured or burned alive. There was a lot of public support for the Order here, particularly in Hertford, where there are records of civil unrest due to the arrest of four Templars from nearby Temple Dinsley. They were first locked up in Hertford Castle and then two were taken to the Tower of London. No executions took place. Everybody survived. No treasures or items of interest were recovered and indeed even the Temple’s ships managed to escape capture. Given the minimal persecution in England, is it really so hard to believe that some Templars may have continued to meet? In a military organisation when the leaders are captured the highest ranking officer available takes charge. He requires no special charter or permission to do this.

    Situated close to two major ancient roads, Royston Cave was just a hidden storehouse. It was used by trading Templars from Temple Dinsley to store goods bound for market. After the persecution began it is thought that some middle-ranking Templars were hidden in the cave. Certainly somebody made carvings almost identical to those made by senior Templars on the walls of Castle Chinon in France where the main leaders of the Order were held. Royston cave remained hidden under a millstone for hundreds of years and was discovered by accident.

    The similarity in the carvings led to the quite reasonable speculation that the Templars did not completely cease to exist worldwide on 13th October 2007 – but that some continued to meet, be it officially or unofficially.

    Hertford Town Centre, where Parliament relocated during the Plague and where it is thought the date of Easter was decided during the synod of 673 AD, has always been riddled with tunnels. These vary in date from the 12th century to the 19th century. Those of most interest are beneath Bluecoats and Bailey Hall. Bluecoats was built on the site of the Priory of St John and Bailey Hall was built upon medieval tunnels of unknown origin. There are family stories and local legends of Templars being hidden in some of these tunnels.

    No trace of the Holy Grail though. That’s just journalistic sensationalism, as is much of what has been said in the media and sometimes attributed to members of my family.

    PS: “the renewal of chivalry is extraordinarily important for the restoration of moral and cultural common sense.” (Well said.)

    God bless you all.

  9. But you are forgeting that the Templars worshipped the Shroud of Terrin! WORSHIPED. The Holy Father HIMSELF (I don’t know which one, but I will look it up.) The POPE, disbanded them, do too heresy! It was they who betrayed the Knights of St. John to the Muslims! They attacked and slaughtered the KSJ ruthlessly in an attempt to surrender Jerusalem! The KSJ eventually defeated them, but didn’t have enough men to hold the city and it fell. And all the pilgrims were slaughtered & worse! How is THAT not evil?! It was the Templars that murdered and ruthlessly killed ANYONE, Christian or Muslim for money. They betrayed those who they swore to protect. When they came back to Europe, they slaughtered many Christians.

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  11. I have removed a number of comments from this post on account of an email I received, threatening court action under Scottish law for anonymous defamatory comments made on this site against Paul McGowan. I have removed all the comments in question, and that of Paul McGowan himself besides, whose comment was not a defense against accusations made against him, but which thanked me for addressing the Hertford issue, and which promoted his own Templar organization.

    As my post concerned exclusively the Hertford issue and the published claims attributed to the Acheson’s, which I severely criticized, I am leaving Ben Acheson’s comment up. This in no way implies that I support any of his claims or those which are attributed to him. The emailer stated that defamatory comments are coming simultaneously with an effort from someone in the Hertford area to “blacken Mr. McGowan’s Character.”

    I am not at interested in sorting all this out. I have made the point I wished to make. I believe the tradition of the Catholic military order is something worthy of being preserved and rejuvenated for sake of Christian masculine identity and for the good of the Church Militant.

    If people want to play act under the title of “Knights Templar,” they are free to do so, and I am grateful when they assure us that they make no claim of any real connection with the historical order. Those who make such a claim have lost their ability to distinguish between the primary world of reality and the secondary world of myth and fantasy. Fantasy is fine, as long as we know the difference.

    There are still many people who belong to modern “Templar” organizations, some claiming legitimate descent and others not, who make other absurd claims, such as attributing historicity to the assertions about the Templars made by Dan Brown in his Da Vinci Code. Brown mixes verifiable history with neopagan fables, and much of modern templarism is caught up with the latter.

    If anyone wants to comment intelligently and charitably on the subject of this thread, they remain free to do so. I do not have the time or resources to go to court. My next step will be to close comments.

  12. As requested and to keep the peace in an overly heated debate I hereby publicly apologise to Paul McGowan for stating my personal opinions so strongly. I also apologise to the blogger for any inconvenience caused by my comments.

    I will now attempt to state my opinion again more clearly and politely in the hope that my comment will not be deleted this time.

    The homepage of the web site “” states:-

    “Because our Order began it’s [sic] first work in The Holy City of Jerusalem in the 12th Century…”

    I do not believe that this organisation began in the 12th Century. There is no evidence whatsoever for this and no serious historian would accept such a claim.

    Paul McGowan’s own “Templar” web site “” links to the web site “” and prominently displays its connection with this “OSMTH” group.

    [Paragraph deleted by moderator]

    Why is Paul McGowan going around posting comments on web pages about this news story? He says he does not wish to be associated with the story, so why is he here? [Sentence deleted by moderator].

    Paul and his group have nothing to do with this news story or recent events at the Vatican. This fact has never been in doubt.

    [I am not kidding].

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  14. To clarify the deleted paragraph may I simply quote from the “membership application form” on the “” web site?

    Click to access gpftapp1.pdf

    “Application fee (175€), annual membership (66€)”

    This is what I would express concerns about, and it is in light of this that I question this group’s historical claims. That was the whole point of my post. Surely this is a valid query when put politely and in context?

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  16. Templars? I don’t know yet. But the more I research Hertford, the more interesting it gets.

    In 673 AD it is thought that a general synod was held in Hertford, during which the date of Easter was decided! (This was the first Synod of the English Church!)

    Hertford Priory was established by William The Conquerer’s nephew, Ralph de Limesi. (This may be the focus of the tunnel network, which certainly links properties at Bluecoats and Priory Street – on the site of the old priory. The Priory was called St John’s Priory – St John keeps coming up in relation to the Templars in Hertfordshire.)

    Hertford Castle was reconstructed by Henry II 1170-1174, then besieged and captured by the French Dauphin.

    Hertford Castle reverted to The Crown (Edward I) in 1296 after the death of William De Valances.

    In 1304 Hertford Castle became a Royal Palace.

    In 1309 four Templars from nearby Temple Dinsley were locked up in Hertford Castle. Local records show that there was trouble as a result. Two were later sent to the Tower of London.

    In 1332 the Castle and Borough were surveyed by Edward III. He had previously sent men to search for treasure he believed was hidden by the Templars of Temple Dinsley. It was never found.

    In 1360 Hertford Castle was granted to John of Gaunt, third son of Edward III.

    In 1418 Princess Catherine of France, wife of Henry V, became governor of Hertford Castle.

    In 1536 Hertford Priory was dissolved.

    In 1563 Parliament moved from London to Hertford Castle to escape The Plague.

    In 1602 Samuel Stone, founder of Hartford, Connecticut, was born in Fore Street.

    In 1863 a Catholic Church was built in St.John’s Street on the site of the former Priory.

    Hertford may be a quiet market town today. But there is indeed a massive network of tunnels under the town and I’ve been to the museum, which has a document showing part of the network linking up to the Old Vicarage and Bailey Hall – both of which were once owned by ancestors of the Acheson brothers.

    The Templars story needs a lot more investigation, but there is certainly a lot more to Hertford than meets the eye and I for one intend to find out more.

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  18. I Can now tell you that there are a few remaining Templars of the original Scottish order . I Am one of those. We Serve Christ and Christ alone, His return is forthcoming, and all should quickly prepare thyselves for his Gift of Eternity. I Also am a former Freemason and can tell you that Freemasonry is not a bunch of fellows sitting around thinking up evil ideas to inflict upon society. They are one of the Largest Philanthropic Organizations in the History of the world. I Obtained one of the highest Degrees possible during my membership in this organization and can tell you personally that I Never witnessed anything of an adverse nature, with exception of one brother stretching the truth about the size of a fish he supposedly caught. And the Vatican did admit it’s fault in the role of the Templars “demise”, and We forgave them. They are also purging theirselves of the sins in the past and present in order to stand Righteous before the lord. You must clear up all debts and sins of the past, and ask forgiveness for your wrongs, and ask the Lord to dwell within your heart and to forgive you of your sins. If you don’t….well…you’ll see. In His Holy Name

  19. Sir Thomas,


    You make it sound like the Templars and Masons should all be canonized for their philanthropy and congratulated for being so broadminded in your offering the Church a chance of redeeming itself. This is revisionist history.

    When the Church admitted its fault, it did so for the evil that was perpetrated on the Roman Catholic Order of the Temple, which ispo facto ceased to exist with its supression in 1314. The Vatican did not apologize to the modern pretenders. With all due respect, I must repeatedly state the facts. Unless you profess the Roman Catholic Faith it is inherently impossible to be a Templar. The Templars received their existence from the Church, through a juridical decree of the Pope and lost it–even though unjustly–in the same way.

    Or perhaps you adhere to the Templar myth: guardians of the ancient mysteries, of holy grail against the evil ecclesiastical institution? Yada, yada, yada. No serious scholar believes this is any more than entertaining fiction.

    Furthermore, you don’t know me. We are free to disagree. Don’t be so self-righteous with the forgiveness of sins business. Historical Freemasonry has a great deal to account for.

    For your further reading.

  20. I Follow the Teachings of Jesus Christ and John the Baptist, I Am no longer of the Catholic Faith or it’s form of arrogance you seem to stand side by side on the same soapbox with. Some of us Split with the “Church” because of it’s self idolitry and self serving methods vailed in the everyday “Faith”.
    I Did attend a Franciscan run Boys school in the 70s and can tell you there was only one Priest out of twelve that Practised what he Preached. Homosexuality being the much favored off hours pastime, tantemount to sin in it’s purest form.
    It matters not to give praise or cheerlead for anyones accomplishments Masonic or otherwise. That is God’s Purpose on judgement day. I Simply made an observation of the works and deeds of others. Although Freemasonry does not claim to be a “Religious” organization, it surely does perform a more Christian like service to mankind than any other organization and prides itself in taking no praise or recognition in any form. Hence the furtherance of the public’s percieved Vail of a “Secret Society”. Masonry can not be explained, you have to “be one” to know what it is all about. Is there something Sinister about being a member of a Moose lodge or Elks lodge if you get turned down for membership?? or something “secret” about attempting membership in a Boys club if you are a girl and get turned down?
    As for Freemasonry or The Templars, Cathars, Hospitallars, We shall never know the absolute truth about any of these things while on this Earth. because the written truth has been twisted or lost over time. Some of us will “never” know period. Instead for Flailing about pointing fingers and being your best to be “correct”.
    Try some forgiveness and Curiosity for the way others perceive the same things that you do.
    True there are people living in some sort of Fantasy world, but they are searching for something and looking in the wrong places. You yourself are searching for something and it eludes you. Think about it. You are curious about something surely. It’s human nature.
    I Have found what is meant for me and am in waiting for my final reward. I Hope you can free your mind brother of Worldly trivialities and enjoy the life God has given you. Peace to you Brother. Thomas

  21. Dear Sir Thomas,

    On this night, 2 thousand years ago, Jesus began to explain to His best friends what was about to take place. I don’t think any of us can truly comprehend what exactly He did on that Good Friday …. we ALL nailed Him to that tree. That surely includes me … and you … and Father Angelo. So, as I read your post, I see someone who has maybe been misunderstood. But, I think you may also have misunderstood Father Angelo. You had the unfortunate experience as a youth to be in a not-so positive environment … yes, they all nailed Christ to the tree, too. However, that school was only a very small window and surely you must know that the whole Catholic Church cannot be compared to one school or one Church. The whole Church, is indeed, filled with many sinners who are capable of all manners of sin unfortunately. Each one of us has separate struggles and thus each one of us adds some other heinous sin to the bucket. But, there are many schools and churches that do NOT contain all of what you explained. I am sorry for your experience. However, the Church is the people and whenever you get large sums of people together, you will get some very muddy water, sad to say! It doesn’t make the teachings of the Church wrong … our focus must always remain on Christ and not on human beings … even Church human beings.

    You claim that we Catholics are looking in all the wrong places … we do not believe so but I do understand how sometimes people can be lead away from this Church and we will all be held accountable for that one day. Yet, many of us get up each morning and ask God for His INFINITE forgiveness and the strength to live our lives according to His will. I almost left the Catholic Church twenty years ago but then went into great study to figure out what exactly it was I was leaving … those of us who grew up in the 70’s didn’t get a great background, by and large. Once I discovered all I did, I really came to believe that Christ established one united Church in Him and had no choice but to leave a person in charge to keep it united. Nothing else makes sense to me. (Very long story short, here.) However, we are VERY persecuted these days and sometimes we get a bit tired of it so you might sense that on occasion. Hollywood and the News have no problem with smearing our name and defaming us in anyway possible. Persecution is to be expected but somedays we deal with it better than others.
    As for Freemasonry, they do tend to do many good works but they definitely have been known as anti-Catholic over the years. Maybe this is changing as you suggest … what do I know?
    As for Father Angelo, you truly don’t know the man. From the little I do know of him, he’s quite easy-going with a great sense of humor and has a great ability to accept that people can see the same things differently as you suggested he could not do! Quite ironic, actually. But, one of his jobs is to defend this Church so he cannot accept things that go against strict teachings of this Church. For this, we should all be GLAD … better that than some of the priests you seemed to have had years ago.

    We all hope for our salvation one day … it is a hope, but not an assurance. We have been warned that should we have at one time known Him and then began to live as though we didn’t that it would be better for us to have never been born. So, while you await your final reward, ask for that grace to see HIS truth … it’s easy for us to see our own personal truth that seems to give us peace but isn’t the real peace! For this, we all pray.
    Have a blessed Easter.

  22. Thomas,

    I should have invoked the Truce of God rather than have engaged you. For that I repent. I do not, however, repent of anything I have said. Your words speak for themselves, and so do mine. Anyone who is interested can verify historical facts.

    I will not engage you any further until after Easter.

    If you have the stomach for it, you can read my response then. I speak with intentions of charity but will not mince words.

    Blessed Easter.

  23. Dear Jennifer, I Appreciate your reply, I Tend to See things through harsh eyes, I Am a Former Professional Soldier and have seen the many horrors of Humanity. And will jump at the opportunity to defend my ideas. A flaw sometimes in thinking occurs, But we make mistakes and learn and move on. As For Fr. Angelo, I Apologize to him if I Have “Raised” the hair upon his neck. And ask him to put away his sword, I Tend to bring out a persons Passion for their way of thinking. My assigned task as a “KNIGHT” is to protect persons of importance in The Christian and Hebrew Faith. Whenever one or more of these persons are touring my assigned area, I Have a sworn duty to drop whatever it is I am doing at the moment and assist in their protection. We provide this “service” to them unbeknowst to them 99% Of the time. When the task is complete, we slip back into our normal lives. I myself own a small business that converts delapidated homes into handicap and elderly housing and makes them available at reduced cost. And i also own a small organic farm in Maine. I Live my life as close as I am able to what God wants for me. If I stray, something doesn’t work right. Thats his way of guideing me back in his direction. We all stray and sometimes are like a small child and tend to be “hard headed” and need a good knock to straighten up. So if i stray, just give me a knock and i’ll wake up. I Bet Fr. Angelo would give me a knock in a minute if he could..ha ha. but anyway, today is “Good Friday” and being I’m At my Nova Scotia home and the churches are 90% Catholic, I May attend Mass in a few hours. Where else can you attend Mass and have boiled Lobster and potatoes afterward but in Nova Scotia?s..So peace and remember what Christ did for us everyday, not just this weekend. IN HIS NAME Thomas

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  25. I think this may help you to understand;

    Several years ago after leaving the armed services I was abducted by Greys 3-6th dimension that are working with Reptilian’s, “the Federation”. The Federation is “a non human NATO type organization”, of Greys, Reptilian, Insectoid, Moth men, (recessive beings like the ones in the movies…There are about 42 different type species of military males in various bases in the United States). Some of the reptilian bases are in the USA, AZ, NM. You can find more information on these Orion beings and non earth non humans discussed in thousands of contact books, and thousands of internet sites, (I’m not the only one who has been abducted). These humanoid beings lie, and manipulate you until the point of near mental and physical breaking.

    These Reptilian hybrids and Greys are working with a type of 5th & 6th dimension Ascended Brotherhood,
    “communally minded” hive mind society sub space beings controlling many “false” religions and non human type religious belief systems. Why? A. for control, so that humans do not go into space to find their non human ET bases, cities and ships. B. Because of our SOULS, this is very complicated to understand we have a “soul”, the soul is an atomic particle electric formation that is part of us, but according to all legends and some modern technology the soul can be taken with the use of high frequency high voltage technology. The soul is a vestige of our “genetic past” that was a piece, in much the same way our reptilian lower brain is, of another space ET race. There are several types of ET’s that can remove this part of your body Reptilian, Greys(FALLEN ANGLES “Devils”), steal it and use it for longevity, for energy, and for their own race studies, just like some ETs do with our DNA ovum and sperm, thousands of very well documented cases around the world. I know this reads far off but it is in all religions, eyewitness UFO abduction and many ancient religious legends and world spiritual texts. C. For DNA, and because DNA is a resource for them like the soul is, and in many real medical ways!

    The Federation, White brotherhood, Reptilian’s, Grays(Fallen Angles), Ascended Masters, Midwayers, Draco’s, Draconian’s all of these ET recessive demonic and dogmatic societies recruit people aggressively from dark religions; The Art of Living, the illuminati, Jesus demonic cults, Scientology,Cults in general, Islamic Religions, Voodoo and African Botanic cults and many more religions, too numerous to list, they choose and influence people like puppets and then some to govern us! The Greys are the most hive minded and dogmatic of the societies interacting with the earth and near space i.e. Mars!

    This is important… Religion is a legend, *some are factual most are not*, a construct written by various non human
    inter dimensional recessive dogmatic ET races and by some not so well educated semi-primitive humans, it is very misleading and troublesome. Religion does not help us solve our problems of global warming, cancers, defense against recessive ET’s, economy…instead religion focuses on a construct which is incoherent. Jesus and god will help,* neither can be further from the truth (the bible, Koran, Buddha vedic texts etc. are full of wars initiated by;
    ET “gods”** non human ET”S never helping but instead killing humans, WWII greys w/ Nazis. The earth is in the worst condition ever as is the human race. Read the newspapers….and neither Jesus, god nor budda is helping us. The churches are filled with pedophiles, (Catholic and Christian churches i.e. USA arch dioceses settling for billions of dollars and others Evangelist Tony Alamo for raping young girls, “THE LORD IS IN CHARGE”, mind control etc. Ex-cons, dumb human beings mind controlled people fill our religious and spiritual organizations.. Social studies, social support and human directed initiatives are a need, and we are being blinded my mind controlling ET”S. Many people who study history in detail will read about how the church enslaved many cultures to kill, rape, torture and tap into banking and world currencies. The Spaniards (greyET managed) in the holy conquistador wars, the Israeli zealots against their neighboring humans, and the Nazi (Grey) occult war of WWII, the Mormon cults(recessive greys) hurting, raping under age girls and on and on.

    I was taken to the “Federation” caves by physical barely visible in our spectrum..beings. I used infrared/spectrum lenses goggles to see them, including a type of sub-space being, as the attacks went on I compensated as much as I could. Regressive Sub-Space Beings working with Greys, called the White Brotherhood are the culprits. After my life threatening experiences of many years I learned from the Greys themselves buy watching and studying as I was being pulled, (they abducted me for sperm surgical removal, as they do with women’s eggs all around the world).

    If you are religious why would, if god did exist harm the pontiff? Hurt the popes by giving them parkinsonism, harm them with neurological disorders and knock them down and fracture their arms as was done with the current pope…these are harmful violent extraterrestrials!!

    1). All extraterrestrials are physical carbon based, silicon based, or molecular based beings (ALL), including the
    ones who use magnetic field technology to cloak themselves, to travel,and as weapons and to appear as a human. Many of the non human ET’s live for 100’s of years, some sub space C=H types live for thousands of years. The weapons I have seen and been subjected too are: Mind control, frequency signal control i.e. “the tower of babble”, around the world the transmitters are hidden in caves, and beamed in by Grey satellite. This weapon seen by myself is difficult to describe it is a multi layer mist like carpet which contains either chemical or magnetic structures in it. This plasma mist weapon is launched from the UFO and has electrical stinging properties to it, I noticed that high intensity fire collapses the mist field. It has been shown by some Crop Circle researchers that some crop circles have similar field misting technology. Some of the “orbs”, glowing ones seen are either weapons with lasers or frequency attack projections or are recording your brains thoughts and sending the info. to the reptilian greys…We humans desperately need better more advanced detection in the areas of detecting magnetic crafts in our atmosphere ( non USA saucers), frequency control detection, field technologies, laser detection and better weapons, better armed military. **Guns do not work against some C=H beings, nor against some space midwayer beings as well as chemical lasers, RF lasers and other laser technologies disrupting their technologies. Some of these technologies can be detected with Geiger counters, and magnetic field detectors sold “on line”, directional is preferred..also passive radar detecting magnetic changes in our atmosphere and around our homes find the electrical devices on them,and around them in their nearby craft. For your homes and cars..some of the Grey and reptilian devices can be disrupted by MHz frequency devices built at home, someone could make a small fortune selling better portable particle and wave detection, and disruption devices for our pockets. ** High voltage tazer weapons work very well. Hand held powerful battery operated magnets,in close proximity can interfere with grey technologies,the size of a cell phone, need to be mass marketed for our protection. Magnetic shielding paint can shield a room in your house where no EMF or ELF is detected! Other races of sub space beings have technology that I have seen, are defended against with hand lasers, built at home!! 2). Critical, we are not the only humans in the universe or multi verse…there are humans from Lyra, Pleiadians, Andromidan, Procyons, Acruturins, Cassiopeia, Simion, Tau Ceti, human Confederations “pro human” galaxies and billions more! 3, Even more important the Grey Federation is using Religion to “Dumb Down”, all of us on earth. 3). All Religions have misleading information, there is no god, only extraterrestrials and human support groups from other worlds. The earths which NASA is just now locating are inhabited.

    Our military is being attacked by the Greys, (google on the internet to get more info…), and by the Reptilian Federation all the time, all the time, The shootings at Army bases world wide are mind controlled by the
    Grey/Reptilian Federation, as is the sweat lodge incident “6 hospitalized”, 911, and the current state of our economy and health, chemical atmospheric “trails”. *** Pay attention to numbers in the news…when you listen to the news or read the newspapers you will find a numerical correlation that is a sign of the sub-space Federation, for example “13” soldiers killed in Fort Hood, “6” miners killed in last years coal mining incident, coordinated attacks on the USA for “911”. Historically, “13” students killed in Kent State in the 1960’s. They use ( 8-120 MHz broadband mind control technologies piggybacked on T.V. cell phone and cable signals, important for you to remember). A strategy used by the Greys and others is to mind control, in the name of Religions “ALLAH”, a not so well informed person into doing the killing or attack on our government. Obama needs to know this as he has been manipulated openly by the federated greys, those of us who understand Grey, Reptilian Military mind control Strategy and Tactics listen closely to his speeches; for example…Jesus is my mentor and I am speaking with him now, no!! Jesus is dead It was told to me Jesus did exist by some ET’s, but he is dead it’s an ET who learned earth languages and controlled Jesus. THESE MILITARY ET BEINGS SPEAK GOOD ENGLISH TOO!!!!!! It is not Obamas fault, nor is it Hillary Clintons fault…it was not President Kennedys fault, but the Grey military Federation did kill him in part because the Greys and others did not want us in Space. On several occasions after having meet with special forces the general in charge described a method by which they are forcing the greys and reptilian out of some cave sites. What is done is to imbed into the rock or sand, about five feet in, a speaker array through which high intensity loud sound is sent through the rock into the cave and forces them out. it was explained to us that on several occasions after a few days of this type of method several greys came out disoriented!!!

    One being had an advanced weapon which I determined was a magnetic laser weapon which would track me as I moved around my home either bio metrically or by implant, I sure would like an idea on how to protect against it? It feels ***just like being under an extremely strong magnet making it very difficult to move, and think. I tried grounding myself, and to use nearby shielding to no avail….what an ordeal. This is a weapon we need to defend against…!!! I did a search to see if I could find something like it, the closest thing I got was Raytheon’s, “microwave crowd control beam weapon”, it was not microwaves. In the caves, and near my home the Gray types and Reptilian’s make many rather “high frequency screeching sounds” like you get on t.v. interference or like the “brakes of a car” sound, I believe it’s their inter dimensional technologies, using probes to come in and out of the area from their locations to mine, but I’m still uncertain!!

    It’s being done mainly because these other types of ET”s, Greys, Reptilian Snake beings, insectoid which are more technically advanced and regressive in the way they think and act are working together against humans, abducting women mainly and men for experiments etc.

    As we speak somewhere on earth a child is being abducted for food by the reptilian’s, and or for DNA by the greys I know!!! According to all law enforcement agencies their are 100,000’s of kids and people missing, in the USA every year (WHERE DO THEY ALL GO)? There are technologies you can buy to protect yourselves, guns, tazers high volts, mind brain protection velostat 3M caps,velostat 3M shielding material also works in many labs with high emf use, buy it at home depot or on the internet, particle detectors, magnetic particle detectors…Critical infrared binoculars, portable magnetic field room detectors. The recessive and violent ETs have through chem trails and dropping poisons form the ships into our water supply, use water filters and A/C hepa filters, screwed our government not all of the chemicals in our oceans and local water supplies are human derived, look up chem trails on the net. Local, National and Regional Government need to do more to protect its population.!! WE must invent better ways of protection against these recessive extraterrestrial races, mind defense technologies and home shielding as well as robots to detect and defend!!!

    Have extra food and defenses at home for your family, it is no coincidence that in the movies on abduction and on aliens we are seeing a lot more of ET films, on T.V. “V”, house, “2012”, “District 9”, “New Moon” etc…They are signaling massive problems ahead with recessive non human ETs as mankind goes into “space Hotels”, Luxury Space travel, more military crafts into near and far space., maybe another war? Many people are trying to educate you with films to inform you of the risks we are in! 2012, alien mind control, H1N1 grey federation attacks on humans etc, etc…

    I don’t know weather this is true or not but have been told by Greys that earth is entering a ***Photon Belt*** of
    very dangerous particles, this explains Global Warming, within the context of a very dormant sun spot cycle. Some ancient scriptures, books that I have researched speak about a method by which humans are selected, and “THE BELT” connection opens their souls but not for all humans, ASTRAL BODIES. It has been presented to me that many societies of ETs are going to be speaking to us in the next few years, be extra careful who you stay with and communicate with, that better ET society,”War of Souls”. Very Carefully choose to be with human societies! A great book to read from people who worked for the government who meditated and used frequency, brain frequencies to connect with recessive ETs is [Cosmic Explorers by Courtney Brown Remote Viewing] free on line!!!!! We as humans transmit thoughts all the time!!!!

    Below is a copied section from a pleiadian channeling site on the internet, this site and others verify communications with non recessive ETs about the Photon Belt which we are in, from Melora:

    “PHOTON BAND Pleiadian 1995 QUESTION: And what about the forecast of the three days of darkness when we enter the Null Zone? MELORA: This is when the Sun will become fully immersed in the Photon Band. We discussed this last time, and we wish to move beyond the forecast, for example, of the electricity becoming neutralized and batteries, and cars, and electrical devices no longer working. Although this may be true, understand that you are in a state of transformation. At the point at which . . . first there are the days of darkness– absolute, total darkness–and people are saying, “Well, I’d better lay in some supplies, and water, and get a kerosene heater, and so on. But, you see, given your transformation, you will not need these things. And so we wish to emphasize that focusing your consciousness on your transformation, your transmutation, in the light is the most important. Now the scenario, as you may have been reading in recent books, has changed. And we wish to focus now on the various agendas of the various beings who are “spectators in the stands” in this “football game.” Our strongest message is this: Aim as high as you can in your consciousness. Fifth-dimensional Pleiadians are going to want to use you as “human libraries” so that they can learn from you about dimensions above themselves through you in your connection to the Earth. Fifth-dimensional Sirians are going to wish to help you understand how three-dimensional reality manifests from ideal morphogenic structures so that you can begin now actively to co-create the peace and harmony forecast for your planet. And so, again, they are invested in your becoming fifth-dimensional humans so that they can partake of your experience, but in a different way than that of the Pleiadians. Sixth-dimensional Sirians, of which we are “one,” as a group, wish to have you understand that many of you will be returning to dimensions higher than Fifth. And so in the Barbara Marciniak books, for example, her Pleiadians are saying “Oh, this is what it will be like when you’re a Fifth-dimensional human.” We are saying that you don’t have to “stay” there. Understand that many of you are returning to angelic light resonances, and so forth. And so when you read this material, understand that these are Fifth-dimensional beings talking about their agenda, and that happens to be Pleiadian. And these are also
    Fifth-dimensional, but they’re Sirian, and that’s a different agenda. And be discerning when you read these materials. This also applies to information about the Photon Band. The source of the information, and it is channeled . . . (Channeling is one of the few sources that is not controlled by “World Management” Teams, and what not.) Channeling often is the most direct source of the truth now–not trance channeling as in the old days. Channeling now is conscious, although the channel is in an altered state, connecting directly with the Higher Self as we are here, and we tell the truth because this [indicating Jyoti Alla-An] is one of our children, here, and we would not deceive our children–not anyone. So the scenarios about the Photon Band and about Ascension will be filtered according to the agendas of the beings communicating through the channel. So if a channel is not coming directly from the Higher Self connection and is channeling a totally other entity who is a Fifth-dimensional Pleiadian and NOT in that soul “hierarchy,” then that entity essentially can work its agenda through the channeled information. Each of you is sovereign; you must discern, because your free will is what keeps you strong in your acceleration. Your free will is also what you must always be conscious of so that you are not violated from outside your self. You need to be extremely cautious of where you are looking and who is there as a guide or as an enemy of humans, if you feel pain get out and stop , ask for the human 5th+ dimensional guides,,, ”
    When attacked as part of the defense use frequencies i.e. different tonal sounds like on a dead radio or on some t.v.’s “TONE”, for hours…BEEP…………..One of the most violent societies in all places are the short orange brown reptilian’s some working with greys, if you are channeling or meditating or remote viewing be extremely careful!

    Any scientist who has atmospheric x-ray, gamma ray detection please let us know about the increase in such particles vs. previous years! % ? Thank You! The earth will change violently and dramatically in just a few days, in the years leading into 2012!

    The Grey Federation ruined myself and family like they did with Alex collier, and Billy Meier for example Mr. Meier’s too has recently, per his web site communicating with us and warning of 2012 and other recessive nonhuman ETs.
    I know about the many friendly human races who are trying to help us now.

    When I was at the Grey army here in Santa FE, N.M.base, I saw many things, I have a PhD, I’m a quick learner and can now read their Sumerian type alphabet and words… I was taken on one type of craft they use, how they fly and what they use in them… ***the saucer shaped craft uses electrical batteries as propulsion power (this is why some are seen charging up on power lines), in the middle of some saucers there is a large circular ceiling to floor barrel structure it contains lithium type batteries extremely high voltage charges. The craft are made of layered and compressed metals titanium type layered compounds, the outer skin is electrified to reduce and eliminate drag and atmospheric resistance. Inside the saucer is a network of Compressed tiny (nano) frequency transmitting fiber optics for controls and for ON BOARD GUIDENCE SYSTEMS, SIMPLE. THEY USE THE EARTHS MAGNETIC AND GRAVATATIONAL FIELDS TO FLY *****************************************************
    IT STINGS when touched electrical pulse). I’M NOT A PHYSICS MAJOR BUT DID STUDY SOME ENGENERING. This may be the only way we can build these craft commercially and get off the earth before these earth changes end our civilization!! Not kidding, google the last few years of forest fires around the world.

    They are trying to mind control our societies through MHz frequency control, we think in about 11-80 MHz,and they use computers and oscilloscope combo. A type MRI equipment to read thoughts as we read print or as scientist
    reads peaks on a graph, as well as gravitational field technology to beam in false info.

    Protect and shield your brains and spinal cords!!! All of our military and armed forces should wear velostat 3M or better (signal protection electrical grounded materials on your head) caps and monitor the frequency changes around them, the government of the USA ours, needs to be informed of the greys methods and take steps to help each other, protect our families people this is real….(people in Britain were not ready, prepared for WWII, Study military history ) …(we have a very weak and complacent military/police/NSA/CIA/) The Greys have even infiltrated some govt individuals in these agencies………!!! Just because you were in church on Sunday and you see people speaking in tongs, falling to the floor, and saying they are talking to god? There is no god only ET groups (mostly the greys are lying about god and impersonating) , ET governments. Just because our president says, “thank you Jesus”, it’s mind control…….pay attention and analyze what is going on in government, it is scary, not human.

    Several devices which are still being used on my self and home include, some type of beam (laser), because I saw it, and followed up on the net and found that these beams can turn off all electrical switches including some in our nuclear arsenal. How is it that these nuclear silo switches are not shielded? I’m working on electrical shielding for my computer, phones, appliances, etc.


    P.S. This was written under partial duress……they know where I live. Pass the info on.

    The Federated reptilian/gray/insectoid societies are using harmful technology to harm the human mind, causing
    memory loss and fatigue…FIGHT BACK!!, I use the above mentioned technology and when I go out and they start to harm my body with high intensity back spasm devices i.e. microwave, particle , mind control. I use my mind and picture each attacker being attacked by me, mental warfare. They are distracted by loud music, food odors, perfumes, high intensity flood lights, mace, strobe lights, high frequency sound and our minds killing them……… I keep a gun and tazer by my side always now!!!

    Listen to this highly educated and experienced old man, if you see a craft these are not dolls, these are recessive violent, harmful, controlling alien males, they have an agenda! Read the info. on the net with a grain of salt, why haven’t they come forward? They will not because of violent abductions, use your logical brain the reptilian greys are ,”DEVILS, depicted correctly in many books of legend, history and many religious books. Even the Nazis contacted the Greys. Protect your brains!!! Stay away from them, Betty and Barney Hill were assaulted, all of the abduction cases are harmful rape and kidnapping humans, we in the USA have laws against these crimes yet our government turns in another direction not opposing these Ets. Because they control some people in our not yet, “ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT. Get involved the stakes are high.

    Space is much more crowded than most people know, extremely dangerous NASA knows..Our Rocket
    systems and defense systems are frail… Connect the dots………2012 We are getting close, climate change, biology, secret governments, mind control, abductions, alien technologies genetic and magnetic fields, and we wonder where they come from reverse designs from crashed UFO…Many historians believe that many earth human races i.e. Mayans lived with ET Reptilian control..

    I’m building a small back yard underground shielded shelter for my wife don’t laugh at me I have been through a great ordeal and know much more than most! Do we as a country, understand the risks of EMF radiation on our bodies and brain, is it not so that some highly educated people shield themselves from the cell phone radiation with either a “patch” or by using a wireless ear device or better ? Do any engineers have a million dollar idea to shield our bodies and mind from all kinds of radio/microwave/broadband EMFs the same way with a shielding patch shielding shirts and pants….our military needs them!!!!!!!!!

    An entire platoon can be taken out with out ever firing a bullet shot……………..frequency brain defense, are you ready to re read the page.

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