Encampment Update: Get Ready to be Forged and Hardened


We are making progress in our preparations for the Encampment on a number of fronts. The most important thing I have to report is that a large group of men and friars web conferenced with Doug Barry last night in order to work out some of the details for the Encampment. The schedule linked to from the Encampment page has been updated to reflect our discussion. We also conferred with him about the building of the challenge course. More on that below.

HERE IS WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW AND SPREAD ABOUT: Doug wants everyone to prepare for bootcamp. I have also linked to the Encampment page a new file called Magnificent Seven. This is a study sheet provided by Doug to help the boys (even really big boys) to prepare catechetically for the weekend. Doug’s program is designed for mind, body and spirit. Salvation depends on knowing the truth and knowing what to do with it. The physical aspect of the Boot Camp is meant to teach lessons for life, especially eternal life. KNOW THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN. And also get your boys to start doing push ups and some running. Start getting in shape now. NO WHINING.

Father Bonaventure has us in good shape as far as the construction of the challenge course is concerned, as long as we continue to get help. Thanks for all the help we recieved from the men and boys (and from the ladies who cooked). Doug is really pleased with what we have accomplished.


Look how nicely the holes in the ground line up with the legs.


Monkey bars looking good.


Climbing walls in place.

I encourage the men to encourage one another. Let’s get in shape.

16 thoughts on “Encampment Update: Get Ready to be Forged and Hardened

  1. Actually, I was facetiously remarking along the lines of a friendly challenge of competition among the men (as well as the boys.) Pain is exactly what I had in mind.

  2. No problemo, I can handle that course with my hands tied behind my back, blindfolded. Which would make the “monkey bars” intresting, no? However due to my job, I cannot endanger myself in any kind of extracurriclar activities. So I’m terribly sorry that I will not be running the “gauntlet.”

    I wouldn’t miss running it, and I have an extra “challenge” to all the fathers…

  3. I’ll have you know, in high school I was “elected” most likely to cause controversy. I proudly accepted the title, little did I know that I would still use it today.
    I am not a “class clown”, I am however a “clown with class”.
    If you are so willingly to call me names, which I don’t mind, why don’t you put your money where your mouth is and challenge me to the gauntlent???

  4. Great and wise leader of the knights, will the AIRMARIA crew be following us in this fierce head on head challenge. That way all can see how the powerful and mighty student, will ovetake and destroy the teacher.

  5. “why don’t you put your money where your mouth is and challenge me to the gauntlent”

    Nary has a modern liberal politician spoken so true to form. Of course, the challenge was raised – and swiftly denied. Shall we expect yet another forked-tongue denial to issue forth from the rank? The “I can’t get hurt due to my job” canard seemed to evaporate with more expediency than the morning mist. What henceforth shall we expect? Has our brother in arms his poor wife’s permission? Is there an afternoon tea and crumpets that requires his concern?


  6. To my true and dear friend Steve,
    As my liberal friends and I sit around the table discussing ways to thwart the adversaries to our noble cause of total liberation from the chains of post-modernistic ways of life. I simply put out a mere laugh of a sarcastic nature. I am truly enjoying my scones and tea from the fields of England, if you must know. Ah, I see that your Neanderthal like ways of having a submissive wife has kept you in the dark ages. Of course I have to ask my love’s permission to run the gauntlet, in her I find my uttermost strength, my fortitude, she is the sun I am the moon. So if you must paint me a liberal then paint on my friend, paint on…
    Your tough talk is a query seeing as all you won’t be there at the encampment, what do you have to do some Antiquing in New Hampshire that weekend?

  7. I know the moon. You aint the moon. Henceforth, please leave the poetry to a professional. And while you hope in your wife’s repudiation of your request to take up the challenge, perhaps your mother can trump – lest your primary design turns sour. As for my absence from the encampment – no worry. Only appoint the time that your poor wife allows. I await; not withholding my breath.

  8. Brother Sun ,Sister Moon (A.K.A. Steve):
    I am perplexed at your comment about my dearest mother. She is the life breath in my lungs, and my sun that beats upon my back. She gave me my permission to take my wife’s hand in matrimony. Whenever I am in a query over an ordeal which requires much thought, she is the first and the last person that I turn upon. My wife respectfully agrees with my mother, and upon her breast I shall lay my dying head. As for the duel in which the wise on has put before us, take up arms my friend, be willing to die.

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