Dying in Never Land

A new book by Diana West, The Death of the Grown-Up documents the cultural trend of perpetual adolescence. Prolonged adolescence is a phenomenon noticed by both those who study human behavior and by any parent or grandparent who was expected to behave responsibly at an early age. The problem now is not that kids grow up later and later, but that they don’t grow up at all.

Not surprisingly, West’s viewpoint is conservative, and so she is praised and criticized by the usual suspects. That our culture is youth infatuated and thus stuck perpetually in an adolescent rejection of authority should be obvious to all, regardless of political persuasion. It should also be needless to point out that such an attitude is immature and bad for society. But of course, that’s the problem. Peter Pan has dug his heels in:

‘Cause growing up is awfuller
Than all the awful things that ever were.

I ask: where have the fathers gone? The inability to come to terms with authority, especially within the Church, is symptomatic of the dysfunctional family. Fathers are often not doing their job, or are not there at all, and the children are angry. That dysfunction has found its way into civil life and into the Church.

Ahem. Might I suggest a little chivalry?

2 thoughts on “Dying in Never Land

  1. Yes, today’s family is truly dysfunctional due to the lack of authority, maturity, morality, and normalcy. You would be amazed at how morally dead we are as a society, just look at the XBOX 360, or PS3 games where the more bullets, the more kills the better you are. Not quite the ping pong that most of us grew up with. I ask you where are the voices speaking up against this. Where are the men today saying enough is enough. Where are the fathers to say “No, I’m not allowing that garbage in my home”, the unfortunate sad fact is that most of the “fathers” are indeed playing these video games, right along side their son or daughter and considering it “bonding” time.
    How can you grow up if you are morally desensitized to society through video games, or movies, or music? If you are constantly bombarded with the socialistic media saying it’s O.K. to be you, even if you have a family you should have some time out alone. Have a guy’s night out going bar hopping, and mothers have a girl’s night out at you local Starbucks before you get you manicures. If you don’t realize that when you get married, all that is over, the hanging out with your friends, the “getting away from it all”, the “alone time”, it’s all to be given to your children, if your not blessed with children, than give it to each other. Read Ephesians, it is a blue print for a happy healthy marriage. Husbands die to self for you wife, as Christ died for the Church, Christ himself over for the slaughter, he didn’t say “Hold on a minute, honey I have just one more level to beat..”
    Take a hint from Our Lord and suffer for your family, reap the benefits of dying to one’s self for the greater glory of God, not for the greater glory of you XBOX.
    Fathers you are no longer a Toys R’ Us kid, grow up already…

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