Encampment Crucible Preparations

Well, today we had lots of help at the friary. Fra Joseph directed a group of friars, men and boys in the construction of the Boot Camp / Crucible for the Encampment. I think Doug Barry will be pleased. Father Bonaventure spent the day at Billy’s doing more prefabrication of the various stations for the Crucible. Thanks to all the guys for help.

Next Saturday we will have another work day. We can really still use the help of fathers and sons. The wooden structures will be installed then, and more clearing will have to be done on the trails. Mass will be at 7:00, followed by breakfast. Work begins around 9:00.

Here is a photo record of today:

The main trail looking up toward the way back to the friary. We still need to clear allot of rocks and stumps.

Fra Xavier routering a round corner on one of the platforms. Safety first.

Our well organized and neatly kept work area. Fra John Luis in the foreground, Fra Xavier in the background.

Fra Joseph and Gabe digging a trench to be filled with pea stone for another one of the stations. Notice that Gabe is not talking. Rare photo.

From left to right: Thom (meditating), Adam (hiding), Bryce (Skeet), and Lucas (The Worm Counter). Of course, all of them working hard.

Adam, no longer able to hide.

8 thoughts on “Encampment Crucible Preparations

  1. You mean that left over coffee from our women’s meeting Thurs. night?! That should do them just fine, but I’m thinking it would be best served with day old donuts, right?

    Actually, there is a consort of lady-folk organizing behind the scenes as I type to bring lunch Saturday. We just LOVE being in the kitchen so much!

  2. Now, now, Father Angelo I am indeed “set all afire” at the proposal of the “lady-folk”, making us manly man men and friars lunch.
    No, I’m just kidding, seiously though, it would be much appreciated, if some of the wives could supply lunch for the workers.

  3. Ha!! The camera shy got snagged. Too bad Adam. Never give Father Angelo a challenge.

    All Afire looks pretty burned out in that picture. Hmmmm maybe the name should be changed.

    By the way Meditating is important too you know. Especiallly after all those chain saws got broke. That I had to keep up and fix.

  4. Let’s get the story straight, the “cainsaw” itself didn’t break, the bars did. I think it must of been operator error, trying to help the depthprecetionally challenged.
    It was a lot of work, and ironically enough very fun. I don’t know why our society doesn’t do this kind of thing all the time.

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