The Conspiracy Continues


Men at Arms,

Do not allow your wives to read this. Thursday night we have a secret meeting to further our plans for the you know what, coming up you know when. Signal your presence at the door in the usual way. Same time, same place.

You may tell the public that our topics for discussion are

1) Challenge course construction and installation (we need lots of help, for example THIS SATURDAY),

2) Discussion of safety procedures,

2) Encampment delegation of duties,

3) Retreat topics for boys,

4) Advertising for the encampment.

Here is some of the hidden knowledge of the Crucible, not revealed in our last communication:


10 thoughts on “The Conspiracy Continues

  1. Father, do you want us to bring the bungee chords to the meeting, or should we just wait til the encampment? And what about the shotguns?


  2. Gotta git me one o them skeeter shooter thangs. Caint wait for that there encampment. Who’s bringen the banjo – Hur hur uhur….

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