New and Improved


Or we could just have manufactured boys do all the  dangerous stuff at the encampment.

Couldn’t resist.

Or I could put Fra Roderic on this one:

8 thoughts on “New and Improved

  1. OK – I think Michael Motorcycle has officially placed the jetpak on his Christmas list (thanks a lot!). Do you think you’ll have one ready to go by then? Perhaps you could have Fra Roderic fly in with it for the All Saints party?! He could be St. Joseph Cupertino!

    Ave Maria!

  2. Robin…LOL…Michael Motorcycle?…LOL. I think you have an excellent idea for the All Saints party…I vote yea for Fra Roderic as St. Joseph Cupertino with a jet pack on his back. We will have to make sure that we have chocolate chip cookies upon his landing.

    Fr. Angelo, I still like the slingshot. Do you think the slingshot would cause a similar hormone (endorphin, growth, prolactin, testosterone, and adrenalin) release like bungy jumping? The endorphins and growth hormones would be a good thing, no?

  3. I’ll Volunteer, I’ve gone sky diving, and flipped a UPS truck, so I know my adrenalin limits Seriously, I’ll do the slingshot for All Saints, and Fra. Roderic could race me on his jet pack.

  4. I know how to build a jet pack that will go sixty mph and 30 feet high! And I know how to make a hover platform. (Alright, so I know where I can get plans to MAKE)

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