Paternal Bureaucratic Red Tape


This is just what the guard dad needs for his dating age daughter’s prospective suitors.

Nothing like red tape to produce complete discouragement.

11 thoughts on “Paternal Bureaucratic Red Tape

  1. Why do we have to fill out applications like this? Whatever happened to the good ol’ days when marriages were arranged by the parents, and everything was taken care of? All I would have to do is show up at the wedding…

  2. Arranged marriages?
    Daughters as chattel.
    How nice.

    And love the Janet Reno comment — it shows that ultimately you guys are all about politics.

  3. I guess I missed this one from the past! LOVE the application … wmrourke, where’s your sense of humor???

  4. wmrourke,

    I will pray that you get a sense of humor. That’s not about politics.

    I am sorry you subscribe to the idea that religious believers should have no voice in the public square about governmental decisions that effect their lives as much as any one else’s, as if they have no vested interest in the common good.

    There has been no party politics here. But there sure has been and will continue to be espoused here a pro-life ethic that has practical consequences. I am not arguing for limiting of religious freedom in any way, nor for the establishment of a state religion, nor am I campaigning for a candidate.

    It seems a bit ironic that someone who frequents the blogosphere, and who seems to espouse a more liberal minded philosophy should be telling another blogger that it is inappropriate for them to express an opinion.

    If politics is not about morality, please tell me what you think it is about and why I should have less of a voice about it than you.

  5. Who said you should have less of a voice? Not I. There is no need to play the martyr simply because someone disagrees with you.

  6. Wmrourke,

    I still say that it seems as though you’ve missed the whole point of this particular thread!! It was meant to be FUNNY. Somehow you thought that politics was being ‘weaved’ into this when I don’t see that at all. Maybe you don’t have teenaged daughters or know of people who do?? Fr Angelo was just making the point that politics do indeed get discussed on this blog but you said that the blog is ultimately ALL about politics which couldn’t be further from the truth. Just clarifying the confusion here.
    Happy Memorial Day.

  7. wmrourke,

    So far your comments have not touched upon anything of substance. If all you want to do is engage in name calling (your accusation of racism), take humorous statements out of context, and express your discontent that a religious blog should touch upon political matters, then perhaps you should spend a little more time thinking about your post before you click “submit.”

    For example, you have never given any reason to support your accusation of racism. Nor have you made any effort to show why anyone should be “disheartened,” as you say, to see “faith turned into politics,” or in what way this blog is even guilty of that charge.

    Please be so kind as to make comments of substance or else move along.

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