Bringing Up Galahad


I will use a bit of Malory for the conferences during the encampment this weekend. The Tale of the Holy Grail, coming toward the end of the work, as it does, after long excursions into the highly defective chivalry of Lancelot, Tristram, et al., showcases the shining character of Galahad in order to drive home the importance of fidelity, honesty and chastity.

Lancelot, Galahad’s father, has a lot to learn, and does, somewhat, during the Quest. Unfortunately, he does not really get the point fully until he has learned the hard way, to his own unremitting sorrow, and at the cost of his king’s life.

We have learned the hard way as well. May we at least now be a consolation to our King.

Galahad is youthful, but outshines his elders. The Siege Perilous is reserved for him, as is the obtainment of the Grail. May fathers learn from the mistakes of their youth, and then teach and sacrifice in the hope that their sons will be greater men than they.

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