Encampment of Knights Lay Siege to Griswold


The Knights of Lepanto have conquered! Run Away!!

Lots of fun and formation over the weekend (May 25-27) with the Father-Son Encampment. This was only one of three that we are doing this year. Summer and Fall yet to come. The Summer Encampment will be from Friday, July 27-Sunday 29.

Check out the “Encampment Photos” widget at the right. Plenty of pics for viewing. More to come.

True knights are both Men of Prayer and Men of Action. For that reason, Mass and nocturnal adoration held pride of place.


The men and boys were learning the skills of the Knight of Lepanto: archery, swordsmanship, knot-tying, but more importantly, fidelity, honesty, courtesy, prowess, generosity and love for the Queen of Lepanto.


And, oh yah, the men and boys all worked up an appetite that was gloriously satisfied by a roasted pig.


Some of the Knights who attended will be blogging about their experiences.

Update, 6/2/07, 12:51 pm

The Flickr link works, but is private. One needs a password to view the photos. If you would like to view the photos, send an email to mv@figuadalupe.com with”MaryVictrix Photos: Flickr” in the subject field. Make sure you identify yourself.